Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services.

Managed web hosting is an outstanding move to approach more effective, trusted, and good in performance web hosting providers. That can speed up WordPress and manage extra traffic, bandwidth, storage, security, and take care of backup services.

Unlike shared hosting, it helps you optimize your site for speed and high performance.

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

If your site is under attack, managed WordPress hosting can handle the situation and meanwhile backup your site.

Shared or regular VPS hosting becomes an invalid feature in WordPress when developing your site(s).

Furthermore, WordPress has more cheerful and interesting services. For example, take care of daily backups, conducts software and hardware maintenance, WordPress tech support will help you when your site loses control, provides extra security, and SSH access.

 What is the best-managed WordPress hosting services?

In this article, we answer that question in detail. Here we assess 8 Managed WordPress Hosting Services’ prices and features such as site transfers, backups, platform environments, user panels, and customer support.

      8 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers. 

01. WP Engine



Our free support included

Visit WP Engine

Plans start at $2.75/mo
  • Speed
  • User Friendly
  • Proformence
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Cheap Hosting Plans
30 days 50 GB – Unlimited FREE (1 year)

WP Engine is speedy and good n performance. From among eight managed WordPress Hosting WP Engine has the best uptime (100%).

  • Speed: 441m
  • WordPress pre-installed
  • Dev/stage/prod environments
  • Encrypt SSL certificates
  • SSH Gateway, GIT and SFTP connections
  • Free StudioPress WordPress themes
  • Evercache proprietary caching technology and global CDN.
  • Manage WordPress patches and updates
  • security solutions
  • Tech partners

In the field of WordPress hosting WP Engine is one of the most popular managed hosts. It is involving new ideas and methods. They are a sole host for WordPress, and since 2013 they have presented their settings. WP engine operates Google Cloud Server Infrastructure and provides 10 locations globally.

Trough years, WP Engine has performed a number of things to make better its user interface. The user panel’s ongoing functionality is simple to navigate and provides a fast approach to all tools.

Furthermore, adding a domain name,  adding SSL, backup processing, activating CDN are all easy. With just a few clicks you can launch new platforms and development environments.

WP Engine helps and supports through, live chat, phone support, and ticket support on higher-tier plans. They are available all the time (24/7).

WP Engine offers better customer service. Not only will delegates guide you through whatever you have a problem with, but you can install new plugins on your site and help you set things up.

Generally, they do all and everything they can for you in their scale. Moreover, they give excellent support.

Their ongoing standard uptime is approximately 99.95% and speeds 441 ms.

WP Engine pricing

WP Engine pricing begins with $25/mo (USD). For a year total is about $300/yr.

  • 25,000 visits
  • 10 GB SSD space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 WordPress website
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • annual discount

__when developing the site they’ll cost $95/mo fee with

  • 100,000 visits
  • 20 GB SSD space
  • 200 GB bandwidth
  • 10 WordPress websites
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

__They’ll cost for a high capacity experience $241/mo

  • 400,000 visits
  • 50 GB SSD space
  • 500 GB bandwidth
  • 30 WordPress websites
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

__For a premium level sites, they’ll cost $368/mo

  • 700,000 standard visits
  • 10 GB SSD space
  • 1,000 GB bandwidth
  • about 50 WordPress site

02. Bluehost WP Pro



Our free support included

Visit Bluehost

Plans start at $2.75/mo
  • Speed
  • User Friendly
  • Proformence
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Cheap Hosting Plans
30 days 50 GB – Unlimited FREE (1 year)
  • WordPress auto installation  on sign up
  • daily scheduled backups
  • Malware Detection, Via Sitelock, file integrity checks, and hacking prevention
  • SSH access
  • Free SSL certificate
  • WordPress auto-updates for core, plugins, and themes
  • unlimited web storage
  • staging environment
  • unlimited  domains and subdomains
  • best customer support

In this field, Bluehost is one of the largest and most famous companies. They have web hosting plans ranging from cheap shared hosting to dedicated clients.

WordPress Organization is also approved the  Bluehost.

Bluehost maintains its own infrastructure and its clients are not ahead of their location in the United States.

WP Pro, which includes advanced security, analytics, and social media integration is best.

About the user panel of Bluehost, awareness is numerous. first, they make a friendly request for you to go through a process of integrating order.

So, it takes through everything you need on creating a new WordPress website. Provides shortcuts for customizing your design, adding contact page, backing up, and adding users.

As well as you can examine your stats, from the main Bluehost’s dashboard, purchase enhancement (like Bluehost’s SEO tools) can tune security settings up, modernize/ operate and deactivate plugins dimensions, and additionally they keep safe some specific WordPress settings.

Moreover, advanced users can use Cpanel as well.

Inclusively, the user panel provides a good balance and is useful for new users, as well as providing advanced users with the settings they need.

In an easy to understand way, Bluehost setting up your account, adding an SSL certificate, linking a domain name, setting up WordPress and more.

Bluehost supports live chat and 24/7 hours over the phone. It also has a broad knowledge base and answers common questions related to WordPress and web hosting as a whole.

Live chat support is useful and will solve any problems you may have with your website. Based on your requirements it will easier for you to choose plugins.

In general, the Bluehost support is one of the hard occurrences that ready to lead you to a solution, and alternatively, they ready to perform tasks for you. So their support system is enjoyable and satisfying.

They have no uptime guarantees, it is a drawback in Bluehost.

Their average uptime is well grounded but the load time is not that good. The average uptime is 99.97% and load time is 813 ms.


Bluehost WP pro plans begin with $19.95 per month, but you have to pay three years in advance. The price becomes larger when the registration period becomes shorter.

  • unlimited WordPress websites
  • unmetered bandwidth
  • unmetered SSD space
  • unlimited emails
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Additionally, website migrations will cost $149.99.( offer five websites and 20 emails per move).Your renewal fee will be $29.99 per month, after the existing agreement period.

Also, there are official more standard chargers. Still, in reality, Bluehost will contact you several times and asks you to update your account. In any case, if you do not, they will suspend your website.




  •  cheapest Managed WordPress
  • best uptime
  • unlimited WordPress websites
  • free WordPress Cache plugin
  • unlimited applications
  • hassle-free website migration
  • automatic backups
  • free SSL certificate
  • SSH and SFTP access
  • 24/7/365 support service
  • simplified CloudWays cache and CloudWays CDN
  • fast performance
  • dedicated firewalls

Among the top managed WordPress hosting companies we describe in our article, CloudWays own an exclusive business version. It should be noted that they allow the user to select the Cloud hosting provider they want to use, rather than having their own server infrastructure.

CloudWays lets you install their client software on that Cloud platform and capture it easily.

You can choose from the suggestions of Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon, AWS, and Google Cloud. They have machines all over the world. Guarantee for the uptime is dependable on the provider you choose.

CloudWays’ user panel is skillfully planned, attractive, and easy to understand. Even so, it does pose a little more to users who want to work with the client and have a wider range of operations.

While managing multiple applications installed on each server, the panel optimized to allow you to work on multiple servers.

Depending on the server and application you are looking for, you can do a different set of operations and more you can examine your statistics and service usage, set up backups, enable SSL certificates, install new applications, and much more.

when talking about installing new applications, with just one click you can install characteristics. You just have to choose an app you want, a name for the app, and click the launch button. You do not need any other more details or settings.

CloudWays offers 24/7/365 customer service support. They help and support through Via live chat. They help even for simple issues with a quick process (They will negotiate with you by sending some points).

The support team also has a support ticket system for everything that needs more attention. In addition, you can get points from other users because there are a substantial knowledge base and community forum.

  CloudWays pricing

CloudWays prices are ranging from $10 per month to $1,000 per month. Based on the company of server infrastructure the plans are separated. Such as:

  • Digital Ocean: from $10 per month
  • Linode: from $12 per month
  • Vultr:: from $11 per month
  • Amazon AWS and Google Cloud are high priced

Plans come with :

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 25 GB (SSD)
  • 1 TB bandwidth
  • one processor core
  • unlimited WordPress sites
  • you can pay hourly (when running a web or mobile app this may be a good option, but is probably not the best setup for WordPress websites )
  • $1 per 25 GB for CDN traffic
  • they offer free three days period for examining formally
  • no money-back guarantees
  • free migration

03.Liquid Web

  • speed 312 ms
  • best uptime
  • migrate the site for free
  • expert support
  • no average fees, traffic limits or metered pageviews
  • free automatic plugin updates with visual comparisons
  • unlimited email accounts
  • easy WordPress installation
  • automatic daily backups
  • fall access to both the database and the server (full server access)
  • free SSL
  • SSH, GIT, and WP- CLTaccess

Liquid Web is most famous for its greater hosting setups. Moreover, they have begun offering more budget-friendly WordPress hosting plans, since they joined Nexus.

They have five data centers two in the US, one in  London, Amsterdam, and Sydney. So, they will manage and protect everything for you.

Negotiate with Liquid Web’s support service is easy and uncomplicated. That means all the functionality is there. You can arrange your PHP version, configure SSH access, FTP accounts, SSL certificates, schedule tasks done by wp-cron, launch a platform environment, and more.

Liquid Web provides 24-hour customer support, their team of experts available by phone, email, and chat.

Moreover, their platform is built on the latest technology PHPT, SSL, and Nginx to improve WordPress speed. Meanwhile, they take care of updating WordPress, so the user doesn’t need to.

Anyway, it is doubtful that how quality the support will be in the future since they join together with Nexcess lately.

Their present site average uptime is 99.97% and speed is 312ms.

Liquid Web Pricing

Nexcess WordPress plans prices begin with $19 per month without any additional charges. Available in both the US and Europe.

  • price; $19/month
  • 1 site
  • 15 GB storage
  • 2 TB bandwidth
  • 30 days Backups
  • Unlimited Emails
  • iThemes Security Pro and iThemes Sync
  • price;$79 per month
  • up to 5 sites
  • 40 GB storage
  • 3 TB bandwidth
  • 30 days backups
  • unlimited emails
  • iThemes Security Pro and iThemes Sync
  • price;$109/ per month
  • up to 10 sites
  • 60 GB storage
  • 4 TB Bandwidth
  • 30 days backups
  • unlimited emails
  • iThemes Security Pro and iThemes Sync
  • price;$149 per month
  • up to 25 sites
  • 100 GB storage
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • 30 days backups
  • unlimited emails
  • price;$299 per month
  • up to 50 sites
  • 300 GB storage
  • 5 TB bandwidth
  • 30 days backups
  • unlimited emails
  • iThemes Security Pro and iThemes Sync
  • price; $549 per month
  • up to 100 sites
  • 500 GB storage
  • 10 TB bandwidth
  • 30 days backups
  • unlimited emails
  • iThemes Security Pro and iThemes Sync
  • price; $999 per month
  • up to 250 sites
  • 800 GB storage
  • 10 TB bandwidth
  • 30 days backups
  • unlimited emails
  • iThemes Security Pro and iThemes Sync

04. Kinsta

  • loading time 398 ms
  • best uptime
  • free migrations
  • easy WordPress installation
  • daily backups (14 days retention)
  • staging environment
  • automatic hacking prevention
  • SSH access
  • Google Cloud platform
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

In WordPress hosting field, Kinsta is one of the new companies but has quickly made a name for itself and gained users.

Kinsta is only for WordPress, which means it’s only hosted on WordPress.

Google Cloud Platform is run all host settings on Kinsta. when registering, you can choose from 23 global data center locations.

They have accurate, true, and latest user panel. It’s a completely homemade solution by Kinsta.

You will see the main dashboard with the most important parameters on your server, after logging in. Here, you have a chance to look at your analytics and service usage.  To see your backups, enable Kinsta’s own catching solution, set redirects, launch a staging environment, and perform other tasks you can go through the sites menu.

And, MyKinsta is the control center of your sites. From tracking bandwidth, visitor stats to creating SSL certificates, all the tools that are needed in one convenient location.

The interface is friendly, but what’s underlying can sometimes be problematic. For example, when you activate an SSL certificate with your domain name,  you may run into some minor problems.

They have 24/7 customer support, which s better. Apart from this, overall, the support observation is done at random. It’s fairly supportive.

They will not perform any action but will give you a lesson about how to do what you need to do. We estimate literally that they don’t have an approach to your client dashboard even a single time, although they said that they will.

Hope you enjoy reading (no joke ) as the usual helpful tips will send you to a blog entry or a 25,000 words resource.

We talked about Liquid Web above, so Kinsta uptime is roughly 99.90%  and not as good as Liquid Web (100%).


The pricing begins with $25 per month for annual payments or $30 per month for monthly payments.

  • one WordPress website
  • 20,000 visits
  • 10 GB disk space
  • free SSL and CDN
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • easily upgrade or downgrade
  • no fixed-term contracts
  • 2 months if paid yearly

05. Pressable


  • High uptime
  • speed; 367 ms
  • free WordPress installs
  • free automatic migrations
  • automatic daily backups
  • free Global CDN
  • free SSL certificates
  • Jetpack Premium included
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • Malware DDoS protection
  • 24/7 expert customer support

Since 2010, Pressable offer their services.  It’s one of the primary Managed  WordPress hosting companies.

Equally, WPEngine and Kinsta only offer WordPress hosting. They own a specialized Infrastructure that is built with top 12 sever redundantly architecture.

Pressable has a best and simple user panel which is easy to hold firmly. You can enter the configuration of the given website with one click.

You can easily manage your WordPress sites. They have available one-click cloning, frictionless migration, straightforward domain management, and more.

You can use Fundamental settings such as PHP version, such as the PHP version, productional development mode, DNS addresses, FTP accounts, database management, site migration, and cloning.

Note that there is no SSH access, but they have SFTP access.

Generally, Pressable does not provide you with many of the features that can be standardized with other managed WordPress hosting. For example, plugin updates, site monitoring, and site performance troubleshooting are not included in lesser plans than Enterprise.

A Pressable expert support service is available 24/7, and it responds fast.

On balance, support is aware f their products and knows what to do and not to do when installing plugins or optimizing your site.

They will be happy to resolve any technical issues you may have with the site and understand if it is not related to custom development on your themes/plugins.

Pressable offers you 99.999% uptime guarantee 100% WordPress compatibility and optimal website speed, power, and performance. So average uptime is 100% and loads time 367 ms.

Pressable Pricing

Only WordPress hosting plans are available in Pressable. Their entry-level price is $20.83 per month when paid annually when paid monthly the cost is $25 per month. The cost of renewals is the same.

 Personal plan
  • one WordPress install
  • 30,000 visits per month
  • 20 GB SSD
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

(can save  $50 by switching to an annual plan )


It’ll cost $45 fee per month when paid monthly.

  • 3 WordPress install
  • 50,000 visits per month
  • 20 GB SSD
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

( can save $90 by switching to an annual plan)


It’ll cost $90 per month when paid monthly.

  • 10 WordPress installs
  • 150,000 visits per month
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

( can save $180 by switching to an annual plan)


$155 fee per month when paid annually.

  • 20 WordPress installs
  • 400,000 visits per month
  • 50 GB SSD
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

( can save $310 by switching to an annual plan)

07. A2 Hosting

  • best uptime WordPress pre-install ( auto-setup)
  • free account migration
  • anytime money-back guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime commitment
  • automated daily backups
  • free SSL
  • global servers
  • SSH access
  • free CDN
  • managed WordPress  updates and patching
  • DDoS protection

Creditably, A2 Hosting has any kind of a good deal of hosting. Advantageously, they have quality level hosting for websites. Plus, they have email hosting, forum hosting, wiki hosting, and more.

As you might expect, they offer managed WordPress settings.

Moreover, they have machines set up in four locations and they maintain their own client infrastructure.

A2 Hosting provided user area is quite general and is not what you would expect from a managed WordPress hosting platform.

Through their offer, the A2 Hosting seems to be using the same user panel for all types of hosting accounts.

On top, for any possible server management needs A2 Hosting allows you to approach a Plesk control panel.

Even so, there may be difficulties loading into Plesk, and its WordPress related features (such as plugins or theme updates) have also proven somewhat difficult. ( depending on our test setup)

Generally, for managing your WordPress website Plesk is okay, but the learning curve is still relevant.

A2 Hosting ‘s support service is available 24/7 through via live chat and ticket system (as they say). However, we cannot give you a  100% guarantee because we experienced poor quality support.

When we approach them, they said to us to wait because our number is  No.4 in the queue. After some time they said we are no.6 in the queue. Nothing more to say, you can understand how annoying it is.

But we gave them a chance and waited but there was no response so we left after 40 minutes.

However, uptime is good at A2 Hosting. It’s 99.99%.  Meanwhile, their loading speed is approximately 1,343 ms.


Managed WordPress hosting plans pricing begins with $11.99 per month. (note; you have to pay 3 years premium ) After the startup period, the renewal price is $24.46 per month.

  •  one WordPress website
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • 10 GB of RAID-10 storage
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

08. DreamHost

  • recommended by WordPress.Org
  • WordPress optimized servers
  • free automated WordPress migration
  • SSL certificate
  • unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • free email addresses
  • 1-click WordPress installer
  • free privacy protection and  SSL security
  • automated  daily backups
  • free domain
  • SSH access

DreamHost offers a wide range of low-cost hosting plans, the path to specific clients that are ready to handle any congestion.

They maintain their own server infrastructure with data centers in the US.

DreamHost offers a very dynamic user panel to manage your server. It is divided into two parts for easy access to everything.

Meanwhile, you can quickly access your domains, WordPress installation, email accounts, FTP accounts, and more.

Talking about WordPress installation, DreamHost shows you your basic WordPress configuration, allowing you to access the backup and launch the platform side.

Through two channels, DreamHost provides customer support. From 5.30 am-9.30 pm the live chat support is available. Moreover, they offer support via email and ticketing.

They have a comprehensive knowledge base and support. Generally, they help you with installing WordPress, and to get your domain name and SSL certificate accurately. Generally speaking, the support is very pleasant.

When solving more complex WordPress problems, they will direct you to the right resources, but will not go to your WordPress dashboard to view them.

DreamHost offers 100% uptime guarantee. Failure to reach 100% will result in compensation. Our latest data show 99.98% uptime and speed of 1,144 ms. So now you can understand that nothing is so good.


The pricing begins at $16.95/ month when paid annually, it is the cheapest sever. You’ll cost $19.95 when paid monthly. DreamHost offers a wide range of hosting plans for all budgets and projects. The cost of extending the period of validity is the same. For this, you get;

  •  one WordPress website
  • up to 100,000 monthly visitors
  • 30 GB SSD disk space
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub provides online shared hosting facilities for small businesses. It’s low in price and Web Hosting Hub offers special discounts for beginners.

It started in 2010, owned by InMotion Company Group. Web Hosting Hub located in  Virginia Beach a city in Virginia. They have two U.S.Data Centers is located in the West and East regions.  In addition, they have 200+ U.S.based team members, and they maintain more than 40,000 customers. Web Hosting Hub offers a good service to customers. They help and support customers to build a new website.

Web Hosting Hub archives Solid-state Drives (SSDs), that have no moving mechanical parts and are the big progress in data storage technology recently.  As a result, they can offer good quality and 20× faster hosting for your website. So SSDs have faster read and write speed and progressed uptime than traditional mechanical hard drives (HDDs).


Benefits  of using Web Hosting Hub 


Customer Support 

The page should be load or respond quickly in a few seconds. Visitors can exit the Website if it takes more seconds. So uptime and fast loading are more important and reliable.

Similarly, customer support if problems are not resolved quickly customer support transactions can be fatal.

Web Hosting Hub offers satisfied good customer support and help, they are connecting with their customer within three minutes after verifying their accounts. Web Hosting Hub’s Customer Community  Team provides help and support through Via chat, email, and phone throughout the day. They offer friendly support.

_ To sum up the overall experience is a positive one for Web Hosting Hub’s support and a larger number of other customers are also satisfied.

Process of Signup 

They have an easy, simple, and quick sign up process. After a few clicks, they will take care of all and arrange everything for you.

Free Domain Name and Site Migration

If you have a website already somewhere else you can easily transfer it to Web Hosting Hub. They will offer a free domain name to make the deal interesting.

Solid-State Hard Drives (SSDs) 

Web Hosting Hub takes advantage of new solid-state hard disks. According to PCMag’s experts, these SSDs can produce results that are up to 20 times faster than standard (mechanical) hard drives used by some competitors.

_ They have had little success in the process. However, they are faster than the average web hosts.

Money-Back Guarantee 

The Web Hosting Hub has a 90 days money-back guarantee. Most web hosts offer 30 days or 60 days money-back guarantee. This means that if you intend to give them a chance, you have a risk-free opportunity to test their service for three months.

_ But there are some non-repayable fees in any circumstances, according to Web Hosting Hub’s terms of service. Such as fee paid by the subscriber for SSL certificates, domain names

_Web Hosting Hub lacks month to month payments options.

_ In Web Hosting Hub, apart from the “Free Domain Name ” promotion, they will cost $11.99 fee for each year for the domain and in addition $5.00 fee as an administrative fee. That means they will reduce your total refund by $16.99 which is worth compared to most competitors.

However, you can transfer them to an alternate hosting company after terminating your subscription with the Web Hosting Center, you retain full ownership f your domain name(s).

 Eco friendly  

They believe, it is important to be eco-friendly as the nation’s fastest-growing web hosting provider. Any customer can understand their commitment to eco-friendly policies.

Since 2010, they have focused on getting better at the carbon footprint of their centers. At the same time, they have put as much emphasis on stopping the use of paper products as possible, reducing waste, and increasing the recycling of their offices.

Using advanced outdoor air cooling technology, the company opened it’s first (so far ) green data center in Los Angeles a city n Califonia. One of their core beliefs is that reducing is better than offsetting, especially when it comes to energy consumption. Using advanced outdoor air cooling technology, they reduce their cooling costs by almost 70% and reduce their carbon production by more than 2,000 per year.

Traditional Data Center Computer Room Air Conditional (CRAC) works non stop, cooling, and recycling the hot air generated by the server. It’s not an efficient way to run your server rooms these days. Overtime burns more energy to help a room that is already hot. An outdoor air cooler releases warm air from the building to bring in cool air and is used through the CRAC unit only when needed due to high temperature or humidity.

_ If you are eco friendly or you’re looking for an eco-friendly site, or are concerned about reducing your carbon footprint it is best to use Web Hosting Hub. But in terms of energy efficiency, they still produce new waves.

WordPress Web Hosting 

Web Hosting Hub presents WordPress events such as word camps.  For beginners, professional WordPress developers, and counselors. They currently manage thousands of WordPress based sites and blogs.  They have expertly trained support technicians. Transferring a WordPress blog is simple and quick with Web Hosting Hub.


Disadvantages of using Web Hosting Hub 

The Web Hosting Hub provides a good list of positives. The support is good enough. Unfortunately, there are some potential downsides too.

01. Provide “shared ” hosting only

If you have no plans to expand to advanced hosting plans,  Web Hosting Hub ‘s excellent customer service and strong shared hosting plans look attractive. It offers several benefits, such as their faster registration process. But larger web sites and more intelligent users like to use specialized hosting options for larger websites that require more resources to operate. f you understand this part you may be forced to start the host review process again, looking for other premium options elsewhere. Many of the editors’  options are Dreamhost, HostGator.

02.Hosting price tricks

In web Hosting Hub low monthly fee is $5.99, but to receive it you have to register for a full three years.

They lack month to month payment options. The lowest is twelve months and the price goes up to $7.99 per month (paid in advance).

In the end, it’s not a good deal. unfortunately, the pricing strategy is very widespread in the hosting industry as most are the same. Customers need to stay alert.

03.Additional payments for backups security.

Web Hosting Hub even offers daily backups and automate the system but it’ll value an extra dollar per month. The price is not the case. But most other web hosts offer security features for free. McAfee virus and Anti_spam Protection costs are starting from $1.39 per year and SSL certificates cost $99 per year.

04. Web Hosting Hub pricing, hosting and other facts

Web Hosting Hub only offers shared hosting. There are some plans. Such as spark plan, nitro plan, and dynamo plan.


Spark Plan  

_includes all of the necessary tools and features.

_ costs $5.99 fee monthly.

_ supports two websites, 10MySQL databases, and 25 subdomains.

Nitro plan 

_costs $7.99 fee monthly

_suppots unlimited websites, sub-domains, and MySQL databases.

Dynamo plan 

_costs $9.99 fee monthly.

_ supports unlimited websites, sub-domains, and unlimited MySQL databases.

These hosting plans offer

_ free domain name,  SSDs, and zero-downtime website transfer

_ unlimited disk space,  bandwidth, and email

_ Cpanel

_ free private SSL certificate

_ 90-day money-back guarantee (3 months)

_ easy signup process.

Payments are done by credit card. There is a limit of files for their customers. If accounts exceed 10GB or 75,000 files are denied from the backup system you’ll have to pay about $50 fee to restore. Their account activation is quick.

Do we recommend Web Hosting Hub?

In conclusion, their uptime, and customer support is okay. But the prices aren’t as good as advertised. If you live outside the U.S. your account verification can be delayed by 24 hours. Generally, their performance is fairly normal. So we cannot recommend Web Hosting Hub.

Despite that, you can work with InMotion hosting (another brand of them) or you should choose another Web Hosting brand.

10 Best Domain Registrars.

To build a website, every website needs a “domain name”. It’s the address that users can find or identify you online.

Anyone can buy domain names from domain registrars or can register your own domain name if you have one already. Domain name registrar is a company that gives you the right to use that domain name for a certain period of time.

So you need to know which registrar offers the best service regarding your income and your planes. Some registrars are costing a lot of money than others .some are low in price and lack of free features than others. Some registrars are costing reasonable prices and gives a satisfying service.

What is the task that performs by Domain Registrars?

10 Best Domain Registrars

To acknowledge the existence or validity of a domain name, all the details of a domain name are rationalized in a database called a registry.

ICANN  ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers  ) authorized of registrars. So ICANN  gives approval to domain name registrar to edit your domain name details or records as your representative.

What are the facts that you have to consider before choosing a Domain Name Registrar? 

The most important fact is the domain name price. For instance, some registrars are costing low prices for the first year registration, but when you are extending the period of validity of the license the price can be notably higher.

Domain name registrations are supportable at least one year and a maximum of ten years. If you are unhappy about your current registrar, you can transfer your domain name to another. The process of domain name transfer is easy. But you cannot transfer your domain name to another registrar during the first 60 days, that time period is decided by ICANN. It’s better to check domain name transfer policies of domain registrars.

If you forgot to renew your domain name or if it expired, that means anyone can register by that domain name. Therefore you should make sure to automate your renewal. was established in 2000. It is one of the most famous domain name registrars in the world is belonging to Endurance International Group.

This company requires domain names, web hosting,  VPS hosting, Email, SSL certificates, web design, etc. They give you to chance to register TLDs (Top Level Domain name extensions ) and CCTLDs ( Country Code Top Level Domains ). Nowadays they present word press hosting, VPS hosting and shared hosting plans for general use.

They give at least one free domain name together with unlimited disk space, SSL certificates, marketing tools, etc. They allow you to access all domain search tools and management tools including easy transfers, DNS management, etc. They help and support you through live chat and email.

Beginners get 25% off discount from you register a domain at, they are costing $9.99 yearly for and $12.99 for .net websites. For the domain privacy protection you’ll have to pay an extra $8.99 each year for each domain, so totally for both domain and WHOIS privacy protection you’ll have to pay about $18.98 fee.

The “HOSTFACTS” coupon is using for registrations.

02. GoDaddy  


GoDaddy established by Bob Parsons in 1997. About more than 20 years they’ve been in this field. So they are seniors in this field.

The company, the main office located in Scottsdale a city in Arizona. At first, it was named as Jomax Technologies, but at present, it’s run as GoDaddy Group Inc.

Internationally over 17 million people use manages more than 73 million domain names. So they’re the biggest domain name registrar around the world.

Not only domain registration, but the company also allows domain transfers, email, web hosting, web security, online marketing tools, etc. They help and support you through chat.

For the first year, they are only costing  $9.99, if you register the website through GoDaddy. Since that you’ll need to pay $17.99 per year.

Other top-level domains like .net,.tech, or .co will value a little more fee yearly.

You’ll cost at least $9.99 each year for each domain, for WHOIS privacy protection. It’ll cost more $14.99 per year for each domain if you need privacy protection for your business also.


10 Best Domain Registrars

Namecheap was established in 2000 and it’s located in Phoenix a city in Arizona. ICANN is identified as an accredited registrar.

Since Richard Kirkendall established the company, it has gained 3 million customers. They manage more than 7 million domains.

Namecheap was specified as ” Best Domain Name Registrar ” by Lifehacker in November of 2010. They were also specified as “Most Popular Domain Name Registrar” in 2012.

Namecheap allows domain transfers, app integration, SSL certificates,  email, etc. It’s also a web hosting service provider. They provide word press, VPS, and private email hosting. They help and support you through live chat and email ticketing.

When registering a .com website you’ll have to pay $8.88 for a year. They also allow more top-level domains that are low in price such as .xyz,.info,.online,.club, etc.

They offer domain privacy protection (WhoisGuard) with all their domain names. It’s free when you registering a new domain or transferring your previous one. It’s an advantage of Namecheap.

 04. Domains.Google 

On January 13, 2015, Google started Google Domains.

 Characteristics  of Google Domains are :

_ allow private registration without extra cost

_ a custom domain email with G Suite by Google. Cloud.

_ 3GB storage per user

_ modify subdomains

_ allows accessing easy  domain management tools

_ help and support you through Via live chat, email or phone

_ quick, safe, and trusted

The Google Domains US Support Team offers 24 hours service. They are available every day of the week.

Registration prices on Google Domain begin with $12 per year for each domain. You can automate your renewal through the site. You can also purchase your domain for 10 years. So when registering website you’ll have to pay $24 for two years or $120 for 10 years.

They offer WHOIS privacy protection without any additional fee. Some domains like or do not allow private registrations. 

10 Best Domain Registrars

In 2003, was established by William Mushkin, the founder and late president of Mushkin Inc.

At present, the company runs by Right Side Group and is headquartered in Denver a city in Colorado. Since 2003, has gained over 320,000 customers and at present, they managed 2 million domain names.

They offer domain transfers, web hosting, email,  app integration, etc. They support and help through live chat and phone.

When registering a .com website you’ll have to pay an $8.99 fee per year.

They offer WHOIS privacy protection with additional cost $4.99 for each year, but they do not offer this feature for all domain extensions.


10 Best Domain Registrars

Bluehost was established in 2003, it’s located in Provo a city in Utah. This is one of the largest hosting companies on the earth. Bluehost has more than 2 million users. They had more than 525,000 purchasers in 2010. Bluehost is also approved by as the best option for web hosting.

Mainly Bluehost is a web hosting service provider. They help and support through live chat, email ticketing, and phone. You can get a free domain name for each hosting package.

Registration prices begin with a $2.75 fee per month. If you register more than one domain name, the registration price will be $11.99 per year per domain. For privacy protection, you’ll have to pay an extra $0.99 fee for each month. The sum will be $11.88 per year. For both domain privacy protection and domain name, you’ll have to pay a $23.87 fee per year totally.

07. HostGator 

HostGator was established in 2002. The present owner of HostGator is the Endurance International Group (EIG). They bought it in 2012. It’s located in Houston a city in Texas. During the time 2002 to 2013, HostGator had gained more than 400,000 purchasers and managed 9 million domains.

HostGator also mainly a web hosting service provider. Cloud, word press, VPS, etc are some hosting options. They help the users through live chat, email ticketing, and phone. You’ll have to pay a $12.95 fee per year, as a registration price to register website. Through  Hatchling Cloud plan you’ll receive at least one free domain. A lot of free domains offer by Baby Cloud and Business Cloud plan.

The domain ending in .co,.org,.net,.biz, and .info domain also have the same registration price.

If you are already a HostGator user, site value is only a $2.99 fee per year.

For the WHOIS privacy protection, you have to pay an additional $14.95 fee per year.

08. 1&1 (IONOS) 

In 1988, IONOS was established. One of the senior domain registrars in the world. At first, United Internet was the owner of this company. It’s a German internet services company.  IONOS  headquartered in Montabaur a town in Germany and its branches is located all over Germany. They are located even in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, France, Poland, the United States, Canada, Italy, and Mexico. So it’s easy for customers. Around 7,000 workers work all over the world.

Web hosting, word press hosting, Cloud hosting, email, domain transfer, etc are some characteristics of IONOS. 1&1 is also provides marketing tools and SSL certificates. They support and help through Via live chat, email, and phone.

The registration price for website is $1 per year. It’s only for the first year, after that you’ll have to pay  $15 fee per year for each website and for .biz $20 fee for each year. WHOIS domain privacy protection is free in 1&1.

09. was established in 1944 and is located in New York a city in New York State in the United States.

The owner of is, Group Inc, which is an American domain name and web development company. At present, they manage more than 2.5 million domains.

Some characteristics are domain transfers, website, email, web hosting, marketing tools, etc. They support and help users through phone and email. They do not have live via chat.

In, website will cost $5 per month as a registration price. Domains ending in .net,.org,.biz,.info and .us also value the same price.

WHOIS  privacy protection costs an extra $11 fee per year. The total will be around $16 fee per year, for both domain and WHOIS protection.

10.  InMoton  Hosting 

In 2001, InMotion Hosting was established. It’s headquartered in Los Angeles a city in California. A data center is located in Ashburn a place in Virginia.

InMotion Hosting manages more than 300,000 domains.

some features are, they have a web hosting hub, offer hosting solutions, email, web design services, automatic domain renewal, etc. They help and support users through live chat, email,  Skype, and phone.

To register a .com domain , the registration price is $15.99 per year . The same value goes with .net, .org., .biz, .info and  .us sites .Privacy protection costs additional $12.99 fee per year , so the sum is about $28.98 for each year.

And they have a money-back guarantee of 90 days, it is an important advantage of InMotion Hosting.