Best Web Hosting (2020)

Here you can get an idea about what are the best 10 Web Hosting Services. When we are selecting a web host should more consider the Uptime and load time. As well as there are some other features. Let’s focus on those.

01. Bluehost – Best Overall

We can get this web host at a low cost. And it was work since 2007. This was hosting more than 300,0000 websites. BlueHost was achieved at the top rate among all web hosts. This web host has 99.99% uptime and 405ms speed.

They are offering lots of by using this Bluehost hosting through Cpanel we can get a free domain name, one-click install for the Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. There is 50GB storage for the basic plans. Those are the best options for customers.

Bluehost is the most suitable web host for WordPress websites. And it is officially recommended by the Bluehost is more reliable as well as provides good security, free emails accounts also.

These plans activate for 30 days with a refundable guarantee.

02. HostGator cloud- Best Cheaper cloud 

This was introduced in 2002. like Bluehost HostGator also more popular. This Host had Hosting more than 200,0000 websites. According to the last 24 month data, this Hosting has 99.99% uptime and 399ms loading speed. Because of that, HostGator create small competition for Bluehost.

HostGator are providing flexible features. Some of them are Unlimited Email accounts, Unmetered Bandwidth, Unlimited Free spaces, and built-in cache one all plans. There are 99.9% uptime and give a free SSL certificate also. Same as Bluehost, HostGator also can easily install WordPress. But Domain name can get free only for 1 year.

Sometimes we may want to build a custom website, for that we can use the Gator website builder. That will be easy as well as eCommerce friendly site for all beginners. HostGator we can buy for a cheap price. The starting price will be $2.74/mo and renew with $10.95/ mo. HostGator also provides VPS WordPress. HostGator provides 45 days refundable host plan.

03. Hostinger-Cheapest price 

This Hosting plan has a 99.95% uptime average and 350ms loading average. This is also very cheap and affordable for beginners. There are different kinds of hosting plans and features. Website owners can easily use this. Provide a free SSL certificate. Has 99.9% uptime average. And 24/7/365 support also.

Hosgtinger starts with $0.99 and renews by $2.15/mo. Until that we are selecting “Single web Hosting”  provides unlimited bandwidth and databases. But after that will limit for 10GB disk space, 100GB bandwidth, one MY SQL database, and one email account. As above hosting, we can’t get free domain names. And give limited processing power and memory. As another hosting, we can get cloud, email, WordPress, UPS, and Windows UPS hosting.

04. GreenGeeks- Best “Green” Hosting 

With 99.98% uptime and 445ms loading speed, this hosting plan had hosted more than 500,000 websites. This plan also affordable. It starts with $2.95/month. And provide lots of bonuses, High-quality customer service (24/7) also. The special feature is this hosting plan is using environmental friendly practices.

GreenGreeks offers a 1-year free domain name, Cpanel access, power cacher, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited data transfer, unlimited email accounts, unlimited domain names, nightly backups. When our websites are growing wisely it can upgrade with more VPS hosting.

All plans consist of 30 days refundable guarantee.

05. DreamHost- Pay monthly, No higher renewals

This web host is a bit older. Introduced in 1996 and had hosted more than 1.5 million websites, blogs, and applications in more than 100 countries. Has 99.94% uptime average and 648/ms adequate speed. This one is a bit different than other hosting because this is providing monthly basis payment options instead of yearly payments.

DreamHost offers free domain name, 1 website, unlimited bandwidth, 50GB SSD storage, strong security features, Domain management tools, Can transfer unlimited data per month. But they don’t have Cpanel. Only your own admin panel can use that. This hosting provides 24/7 support for customers and gives 97 days refundable guarantee.

06.SiteGround-Best customer support

Since 2004 until today this hosting plan is providing their services for the customers. They provide their service for more than 2million domains. Among the three best web hosting plans SiteGround also one plan. It was recommended by This plan provides its services with 99.99% uptime and 673ms of adequate speed. Actually it is a good speed.

They owned for good customer service. And has free website builder, Email accounts, Daily backups, SSL Cloudflare, CDN, SH access. We can buy this for a very cheap price. These plans come with 10GB web space, 24/7 supports, unmetered traffic. beginners can start these plans with $3.95/mo and renew them by $11.95/mo. And also we can get options for manage WordPress hosting, Woocommerce hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise hosting.

They provide 30 days industry-standard basis refundable guarantee.

07.A2 Hosting- Fastest shared Hosting

Since 2002 this web host had to host more than 500,000 websites with the 317/ms average of loading time over a period of 24 months. More than all the above 6 Hosting plans A2 is more speed. Because A2 hosting is optimized for WordPress websites and using Litespeed cache. But the thing is A2 is not a reliable one. Because uptime average is 99.93%. That is not a good average.

But A2 can work with all major content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, and Magento. That is a good opportunity for all web developers. A2 is Starting with $2.96/mo and renews $7.99/mo.As features include 1 website, 25 Email accounts, 1-year free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and disk space.

Owned for reliable customer support services. That team was called “Guru Crew Support”. Any customer can connect them 24/7/365 through live chats, phone, email, and tickets. And provide 30 days refundable plan.


Webhost is owned by thgingenuity.Ltd. It is a UK company. Working with 99.98% uptime average and 881ms loading time. But this hosting is not in the top 15 list. But cheaper. We can start this with $1.99/mo for a 3-year plan and renews with $4.99/mo. And offers free CDN with site backups.

But unfortunately, they are not providing SSL and Free domains instead of that they give FTP. But we can’t use quick installs like CMS. That is difficult for a beginner.

09. GoDaddy Hosting.

44 million websites had hosting by using this hosting plan. This was recognized as one of the best largest domain registers. And owned 14 facilities. Especial thing is they provide their facilities for both large and small scale websites. Like SiteGround, GoDaddy also doesn’t have their own server park, on behalf of that they’re connected with Amazon and rent server from AWS.

Continue their works with 99.97% uptime and 554ms loading average. Reliable plan. GoDaddy host plan is an expert for creating custom websites. And have Developer friendly features. like My SQL, Cpanel, Cloudlinux, Python, multiple vision of PHP.

This plan can start with $4.33/mo and renews $8.99/mo. Have 100GB of storage as well as unmetered bandwidth, security monitoring, and DDOS protection. But SSL and Email accounts are for cheap prices,for that we should pay again. 24/7 customer service will be provided. And offer 30 days refundable plan.

10. Site5

Site5 was introduced in 1998 and it was owned by Endurance International Group(EIG). This is reputed as the best internet service provider like Bluehost and HostGator. This Site5 hosting plan works with 99.99% solid uptime and 629ms loading time. By using this any customer can install all popular applications like Drupal, Joomla, Zencart, or Prestashop via Cpanel/WHM.

This plan can start at $7.65/mo. But not Include SSL for free as well as free domains also. But include unmetered disk space with bandwidth. 24/7 customer service will be provided. And backups, recovery also exists.

This web host is good for web developers and designers not for beginners. Provide 30 days industry-standard refundable plan.

Choosing Web Hosting is not an easy task. Thre are lots of things to consider. sot let pay our attention to some of those features.

  1. Site transfers  and migrations are not always free

Sometimes you may discover a web host and you are not satisfied with that. now you want to do a site transfer, want to move another web hosting, that process we called Site migration that allows you to move your website for another host.

Maybe you need to transfer website files, databases, configuring site with the new host, directing domains DNS to a new host. This process some hosts are doing free of charge like, HostGator and GreenGeeks. But some hosts charge a fee. It may be in $150 – $ 400 range.

Sometimes you may need to transfer more than one site. This may take a few days. As an example, Hostpapa will take 5 to 7 days, and A2 will take 2 to 4 days. It depends on the web hosting plan.

II. Renewal rates are usually higher

Most web hosting is double their fees when renewing the hosting plan. But they are not improving their features also. Without any improvement and reason, we have to pay more charges.  As an examples

  • GoDaddy’s Economy plan will jump to $8.99/mo
  • A2 Hosting request cancelation letter before 15 days of renewing otherwise they will double the renewing amount.
  • DreamHost plan charges the same price

And some hosting are providing free domain for 1 year after that they will charge at the range of $10-$20/year.

III.Bandwidth, Storage and Email accounts limits

When we consider bandwidth and storage there are some limitations also.

  • GoDaddy provides unmetered bandwidth and 100GB storage but it is cheaper.
  • Hostinger provides 100GB bandwidth and 10GB storage.
  • iPage provides scalable bandwidth unlimited MySQL database.

To get unmetered bandwidth and storage it’s better to search Bluehost, HostGator, SiteGround, and GreenGeeks. If any Host website offers free SSL, website owners are attracted to that. like BlueHost, DreamHost, HostGator, SiteGround, or page is doing. But GoDaddy requests a high charge for that.

When considering Email accounts, according to the web hosting it will under the different offers.

  • SiteGround, HostGator, A2 Hosting and Hostinger provide free accounts
  • GoDaddy includes only 1-year free business email.
  • ipage and GreenGeeks provide unlimited email accounts.

IV. Once your site grows, consider changing your hosting plan.

We can see different web hosting types provided by web hosting providers. If we select a low-traffic website we should share web hostings or its better to select more expensive web hosting. by sharing we can easily handle large scale websites and can customize the terms of CPU, RAM, Disk space, and software.



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