Cloudway’s Review

Cloudways is a popular cloud-based web hosting platform. The most interesting thing about cloudways is that it lets you pay only for what you used. They even let you try out their service for free. Most of the hosting services have long contract periods, but that is not the same case with Cloudways. It also offers you five different types of platforms like Google Cloud and Amazon Web services. You can choose the most convenient one for you. There is a number of key features that make it popular. Those features can be noted as follows,

  • Supports all PHP apps. (PHP 7 support)
  • Cloudways CDN
  • Unlimited applications
  • Supply innovative Control Panel
  • Supply 24/7 Expert Support
  • Manages Hosting Backups
  • Helps to manage security
  • Optimizes Stack
  • Advanced catching mechanisms(Redis, Varnish)

Exceptional Uptime

Cloudways hosting has proven that it has an exceptional Uptime. Most of the Cloud hosting service providers aren’t able to provide a 100% Uptime. But Cloudway has proven that they have given 100% uptime so far. They maintained a continuous relationship with the customer by providing customer live chat support to maintain an average of up time to 100%.


 Live Chat Support

One of the great services offered by Cloudways is live chat support. They offer expert 24x7x365 problem-solving support for their use to help them to save their time and work without a worry.  The online ticketing method helps to track complicated customer service queries. It can sometimes be done by Cloudway’s staff or users by themselves. Cloudways has provided a staff of Seniors Support Engineers to help their users. They will give you a quick and polite response to your questions. But you should have an account of Cloudways to get this service. In order to do that you have to sign up by giving some personal information. Cloudways have proven that it has a very effective support system.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring is another special feature of cloudy. They will always keep you updated on your issues. As an example, imagine your server has a crash and they will let you know as soon as possible. If your site has a breakdown, it will be a big problem, so this will be a great relief for the user. Cloudways also provides a brief description of the problem like what caused the problem, what should be done to handle it, and how long it’ll take to solve the problem besides letting you know if there is a problem.

They also provide monitoring tools applications that are hosting on the server. There are two different levels of monitoring services. Analytics and logs are those 2 levels. In Analytics, you can view details about traffic, usage of disks, PHP, and MYSQL requests. The management level of the log gives details about errors of website login and access log.

Free trial


Another good thing about Cloudways is that it offers a free trial for three days. Three days is not that long time period but it will let you have a simple idea about the service they provide. So it’ll be helping you to decide whether you continue to use their service or not. Most of the service providers offer their services under the condition of a money-back guarantee. Using this method instead of money-back guarantee Cloudways offers their service in a good way


Fast Page Load Time

If you’re going to host a website, you must consider the page loading speed. Because it will decide the success rate of your website. Your web pages should load as fast as possible to satisfy your user. Otherwise, viewers will leave your site, because it is a waste of their time waiting for it to load. Therefore it’ll be better for you if it has a fast page load time. Cloudways have proven to have faster page load time. In the last three months, the average of their loading time of the page has reached 540 ms(0.5 sec).

Free First Time Site Transfer

If you’re going to switch your hosting providers to a site that is already built, you should move the site that is already built, you should move the site to a new service. In this instance, Cloudways gives you your first shift at no charge. It’s very cost beneficial for you and it allows you to switch with no regrets.

Free SSL Certificate Security

Cloudway’s Review

Security is an important factor to consider in order to satisfy your users or customers. Small businesses must have a secure site to win their customers’ trust. Online store security differs from a physical store. A physical store can be secure by a security guard. But that option is not applicable in online stores. If you’re lack knowledge of e-commerce security, it’ll because you a huge loss. So you must be taken relevant actions for the safeguard of your online business. In order to get a secure site, you must have an SSL certificate. By having that you’ll get to add HTTPS at the in front of your website’s URL.

Many cloud hosting providers charge you for this service. But Cloudways let you have it for free. Here you’ll have a problem with what SSL means and its purpose is. SSL is the shorten form of Secure Socket Layer. If your website has got the only HTTP at the beginning of your URL, it may not be good for your customers’ security.

Google considers HTTP sites as non-secure sites because user’s sensitive information like their credit card details can be exposed through these sites. So it must be secured through SSL in order to have a trustworthy website. If your site’s URL does not have HTTPS, the user will reluctant to get your service.

The ”White list” security feature of Cloudways stores a record of a list of IP addresses that the user needs to know for accessing the server.

Easy to use Control Panel

Cloudway’s Review

Normally, most of the hosting providers use a classical C panel but Cloudways uses a custom dashboard. Although it’ll take a little bit of time for you to be familiar with that, it will be easier for you to handle. It’s very favorable for both beginners and also for the advanced users. You can access monitoring tools analytics and logic that has mentioned to you earlier through this server admin panel. Other than that you can do domain management, upgrade your security through SSL certificate, make changers to application settings, arrange your automated backups, etc. Cloudways custom dashboard performs everything the C panel does.

Remote Collaboration on the Cloudways platform

Cloudways platform supports its clients for remote collaboration. If your team still in the process of adjusting to the remote working environment, they support you to collaborate more effectively with everyone.

Collaboration via SFTP/SSH access to applications and collaboration via the cloudways platform is the collaboration features available on the cloudways platform. If you’re getting help for developing or maintaining your applications or if you want to let a consultant get temporary access to one of your servers or if you need to provide your clients limited SFTP access to your servers and applications, cloudways grants you several solutions.

In most cases, you may need to let your customers have SFTP or SSH access to one or more than one of your applications or servers. As a rule, you have to provide independent logins to the cloudways platform for each of your collaborators. It may be to let him get access to the support area or billing or to restart services etc.

You have to follow very simple steps to have this collaboration in cloudways. First, you have to create a new team member and secondly, you have to set the privileges that you want him/her will have. After that he/she will get an email in order to activate their console access. That team member who has to get access to the relevant application or server will be able to create a set of application credentials of their own with SFTP/SSH access to it. As a result of these features, you can collaborate with your team without worry.

As well as that, cloudways offer a special collaboration tool called ”cloudways Bot”. It helps you to receive notification of current health and status of your servers and applications.

Enhanced Cloudways Staging Environment

Cloudways supports especially to e-business and development projects through this staging feature. It offers you the privileges of doing changers for the code base, new extensions, plugins, and also for the themes without doing any breakage of the live site.

In order to create a staging application, all the codebase and the database of the initial application should be cloned to the new one. Technically, this means ”puling” the code. The staging application is free from the earliest application. In addition to this, it can be modified in order to get adjusted to the test cases. The staging application let you edit codes easily, creates post or pages, add new plugins, change the theme, and other settings in the website. This means it grants you its full control. You can ”pushed” all the codebase and databases to live server after your client satisfaction of the staging application.

Not only that, with the recent improvements of cloudways, users now can choose tables that have to be synced while doing the creation of staging. Due to this, you can eliminate the table that belongs to the mission-critical criteria for your business.     It means cloudways has granted you full control over databases and the process of the sync. Hence the owner of the eCommerce store can eliminate tables like order details that usually have updates and sensitive data which should be a safeguard.   In the process of data pushing of staging, .you can exclude these kinds of tables and as a result, they may not be overwritten on the live stores.

Best Magento Hosting

Nowadays, Magento has become an essential factor in the e-commerce business. It’s popular to let your customers have a high-quality experience of shopping. Finding the best Magento hosting is somewhat a difficult task for many merchants. Because Magento stores not available in every hosting provider. Cloudways is a good choice if you want a good Magento hosting.

Cloudways now has provided solutions for the merchants who yet stay on Magento 1 but starting to worry about the Magento 1 End of life. So it’s not a problem if you’re still not decided to move from the M1 store to the M2 store. Cloudways will support you in both ways.

Cloudways managed the Magento store by providing extra security through firewalls and their partnership with Sucuri. In addition to that, they provide monitoring of 24/7, bot protection, IP blacklisting, enhanced staging environment, SSL certificates for free, and free migration of Magento 1 into any platform of hosting.

Cloudways provides this Magento 1 EOL services to support merchants who yet run their e-commerce store on an already out of date M1 platform. If you’re still run your store in the M1 platform, you have to invest extra money to keep your store secure and up to date. Magento 2 is a best solution for all businesses in any size. It has features like developer friendliness, high flexibility, and great customization. In addition to that, it can process many orders within an hour due to its speedy response time. It may let your customer have a good impression of your store. By staying with M1, will lead to losing your competitiveness.

It’s not a good idea to stay with Magento1. Therefore cloudways support you with Magento 1 EOL and migration of Magento 2.

Cons of using Cloudways Hosting


Premium Support Costs Extra

Although Cloudway provides you with extra support for free, You have to pay extra money in order to get better service. Support or help is something that a company should provide to the customers for their satisfaction. Another thing is in order to get any level of support you must have an account of them.

Cloudways has three levels of support as Standard, Advanced, and Premium. At the Standard support level, You’ll get support for free of charge that is consists of live chat, self-service, platform support, and infrastructure support. In the level of Advance, it has provided everything in Standard level plus a ticketing system of 30 minutes to solve high priority cases and customization support that starts from $100 for a month. The Premium support level has a ticketing system of 10 minutes to solve high priority matters. It also provides access to connect Private slack channels and phone support that start from $500 for a month.


No Domain Registration

If you’re going to create a website domain registration should be done. Another bad thing about Cloudway is, there’s no any domain registration available. So it must be get done through a third-party service provider like GoDaddy. It will add more troubles in order to direct URLs to the hosting setup. Nowadays, many third party domain service providers are capable of providing hosting too. So it’ll be advantageous to choose such a domain service instead of cloudways.

Extra Cost for Email

Many hosting providers offer email services for free. But in Cloudways, email service is unavailable. You have to get that service through Rack space. You have to pay $1 for a month to them. They will charge more from somewhat larger companies with more than a hundred employees. Although Cloudway doesn’t provide any email service, in many hosting providers it is one of their basic services.

CloudWays Pricing, Hosting Plans and Quick Facts

Cloudways offers different types of payment plans without any contracts or period of commitment. Users can pay monthly or hourly as they wish. But the plan will change according to the server you have chosen. Cloudways grants nearly 14 different payment plans. The level of service changes according to the type of RAM, the processor, storage, and bandwidth.

In Digital Oceans, pay plans start at $10 for a month. It also includes hosting charges. It will offer 1 GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 25 GB Storage, the bandwidth of 1 TB. Digital Ocean’s largest plan costs $1,035 for a month. It has 192 GB RAM, 32 core processors, 3,840 GB storage, and bandwidth of 12 TB.

Smallest plan of Lindoe charges $12 for a month. It offers 1 GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25 GB Storage, and bandwidth of 1 TB. The largest one of it costs $1,205 for a month. It comes with 192 GB RAM, 32 Core processor, 3,840 GB Storage, and 20 TB bandwidth.

Amazon Web Service starts its service from $36.51 for a month. This option includes 1.75 GB RAM, 1 vCPU processor, 20 GB storage, and bandwidth of 2 GB. The largest one charges $3,567.98 for a month. It contains 384 GB RAM, 96 vCPU processors, 20 GB storage, and bandwidth of 2 GB.

The smallest plan of Vultr starts at $11 for a month. It contains RAM of 1 GB, 1 Core processor, storage of 25  GB, and 1 TB bandwidth. The largest option of them costs $385 for a month. It includes 64 GB RAM, 16 core processors, 1,280 GB Storage, and bandwidth of 10 TB.

Google cloud’s smallest pay plan starts at $33.30 for a month. It comes with 1.7 GB RAM, 1 vCPU processor, 20 GB storage, and bandwidth of 2GB. The largest one costs $1,290.42 for a month and it provides 120 GB RAM, 32 vCPU processors, 20 GB storage, and bandwidth of 2 GB. 


Do we recommend Cloudways?

Cloudways offers a fast page load time. Its proactive monitoring service is so good and also it’s security options are great. It comes with a firewall that provides extra protection to your site. It let you have security measures up to your login page. Cloudways simplifies their whole experience without any complexities. They are the most suitable choice for e-commerce businesses and digital agencies. It gives you more control over your pay plans. If you need a hosting provider that can handle without any technical knowledge, Cloudways may not match your choice.

Cloudways commitment towards their customers are highly appreciative, They always try to listen to their clients and expand their platform features, so that their users can get a better result in their business process.

Then you must select a hosting service like Site Ground, WP Engine, etc. If not Cloudways is the best choice. IT provides the best customer support, high speed, super performance, and other essential services for a fair price. All the hosting providers have some weaknesses. They are not totally perfect. So Cloudways also has some weaknesses. But you can’t easily find a hosting service like Cloudways at this reasonable price. So we recommended Cloudways to you as the best web hosting platform. But you should have a little bit of technical knowledge to handle this type of hosting provider.

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