Hosting Review Process

Up until today, we have reviewed more than 40+ web hosting companies. And also we are updating each review once a year.
Today we are going to reveal to you how we did that.

1. We bought a domain name for each web host

If we are planning to test a web domain, first we buy a domain name that is associated with the particular host.
Ex: To test the SiteGround web hosting service, we bought the domain name;

In some cases, we used domain names like ( and hosting (iPage). That is because certain brands don’t allow to use their full name in the URL.

2. We signed up with the web hosting provider

After buying the domain, we signed up with them. Often we selected their cheapest (shared plan) for the maximum length. Because we can have enough data and time to compare it with others.
The important thing is we never use free accounts. We feel it is quite unethical and even the hosting provider will manipulate us.
The following are some invoices for different web hosting companies following payments.


3. We connected web hostname servers to our domain

Following the sign-up, we added web hostname servers to our domain.
Every server can be verified by simply checking the WHOIS of each domain.


4. We set up a simple WordPress “test” site

When the domain name is connected with web host via name servers, we will be able to install a basic WordPress site.
To make the monitoring page load speed more accurate, we made the size, structure, and theme of each website identical.


5. We collected uptime and load time data for more than a year

After the setup is completed, we began to monitor them via Pingdom. It lets us check each host’s uptime and speed with one minute check intervals.
Then following one year (12+ months), we could see how the web host performed throughout the year.
You can go to our Pingdom live statistics page and verify the updates each month;

6. We tested the customer support of each web host also

Amongst the web hosts, we have reviewed some offer 24/7 live chat support, some have ticketing systems, and some only offer phone support.
We think the most important thing is the response time and the accuracy of their answers. In other words how fast and how accurate you can get help when your website is down. You can see in detail reviews of customer support within each web hosting review.


7. We checked each web hosting feature and total cost

As every coin has two sides, every web host has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Including pricing, renewal cost, free domain option, SSL and CDN availability, refund options, customer support quality, load time likewise.
We have added that information to the reviews.

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