Linux or Windows ? (Copy past Detected)

Here is a supportive guide in deciding what to select between ”Linux” and ”Windows”. Although these two server platforms seems same, they both differ from the way they serve the users.


Normally the major fact the users expect from a server platform is to fit  with the value. Here the user expects the server platform to be affordable, user friendly, efficient and stable. For an example ”Windows” costs more than ”Linux”. But above facts are not sufficient to make decisions, as the technological conditions are also important in these cases.

In a situation like this, it is important to make self comparisons between the options and come in to a conclusion.

Here are some specific features of both platforms separately that would help you to come to conclusions easily.


Linux is a scripting supportive platform. It runs the scripts written in Unix originated languages as Python, Perl and PHP and the databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL.


Windows is supportive for Microsoft SQL server and Access database.This runs ASP scripts and utilizes Microsoft technologies like .NET.


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