14 Best Free Web Hosting Sites(2020)

Nowadays, many people love free stuff. Some of them are searching for free stuff.

There is no charge for this even in Web hosting too. There are many paid hosting plans. But in this article, we are going to introduce you some of the Web Hosting sites which offer their services almost or nearly free of charge!

5 Best “Almost Free” Web Hosting Sites

By using the service of a free web hosting site, you can get the same advantages like a paid web hosting site. Many of the free web hosting sites provide additional features or offers and if you want them you can pay some little amount and buy the service. Anyway, in these free sites, you have the ability to use the basic or essential services free of charge, which you expect from a usual paid Web Hosting site. Nevertheless, the owners of serious sites should consider for a Web Hosting site which is reputable and affordable because they need a considerable amount of protection for their data.

Many shared hosts offer free domains, free email accounts, huge storage and some eCommerce features just for $3 to $10 per month. As you see it is a very low amount and very similar to a free offer.

  1. Bluehost.com

 14 Best Free Web Hosting Sites(2020)

If you are searching for a free and affordable hosting site, Bluehost is one of the best choices. Bluehost offers a very high performance just for a cheap amount of money. The monthly starting price of Bluehost is just $2.95. Bluehost is approved by WordPress.org team and you see that it is a significant thing. Bluehost offers many free features to the customers. They offer free Weebly site builder, CloudFlare CDN, and Free domain for 1 year with 50 GB-unlimited storage.

If you want to start a Bluehost account, today is the best day because you can get 63% off. Further, they have offered you 30 days money-back guarantee. So, if you are not happy with your purchase, you can have your money back. Read MoreBluehost Review

  1. Hostinger.com

14 Best Free Web Hosting Sites(2020)

Hostinger is another cheapest host provider in the current market. Their monthly starting price is just $2.15.For that amount, they offer you many features like 10 GB SSD to 30 GB SSD Disk space, free domain name up to a year, a free site builder, WordPress performance upgrade, and free daily or weekly backups. They also have more than 90 auto-installation scripts and a unique control panel. The most important thing is that with all these features you will get SSH access and SSL certificates.

Once you purchase Hostinger’s service, and if you are not satisfied with Hostinger you do not have to worry about the money that you spent on it because Hostinger offers a 30 days Money back guarantee to every customer. Read MoreHostinger Review

  1. InterServer.net

 14 Best Free Web Hosting Sites(2020)


You have to believe that the InterServer.net charges just $0.01 as the starting price! It is a very low and affordable amount if you are searching for a cheap or free hosting site with many features. If you are satisfied with their service within 30 days you can continue using their service but then you have to pay $5 per month. However, if you are not happy with them, they will offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no need to worry.

When you consider the key features of InterServer.net, you will find that there you have no annual contracts or sudden increases in price. They offer you unlimited disk space, data transfers, an email, and a new or transfer domain name. The new domain is $11 with a month plan and if not it would be just 1.99%.

The uptimes of InterServer show 99.9% and you can have a price-lock guarantee.

  1. A2Hosting.com

 14 Best Free Web Hosting Sites(2020)

The monthly starting price of A2Hosting is $3.92.They give you many offers for the value you are paying. You will get free Cloudflare CDN, SSD boost solution with unlimited Disk space. You will also get up to unlimited email addresses, domains, and databases.

Further, if you are having their service, there is no need to worry about the security of your site because they offer you advanced security features and free Hackscan too.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. For further details, you can contact A2Hosting by 24/7/365 Guru Crew support through phone, chat or tickets.

  1. iPage.com

 14 Best Free Web Hosting Sites(2020)

iPage.com is also a very cheap hosting provider since their monthly starting price is just $1.99.They have started their service in 1998. They have a very special featuring easy setup and significant reliability.

Some of the key features that they offer for free – free domain name for 1 year, free Google marketing, free site builder, and shopping cart. You will also get an unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and emails.

If you want to start with an iPage from today, you can get a very special discount which would be more than 75% off. Otherwise, you have to pay $7.99 per month.

As many hosting providers, iPage also gives you a 30 days money back Guarantee.

9 Best “Free” Web Hosting Sites


  1. Wix.com

The monthly starting price is just $0.00! You can simply signup with your email or Facebook account.

If you want a simple, drag and drop interface for building basic sites, then the best option is Wix.com. It has a very easy setup with many features. Wix.com is a very strong and browser-based website builder. They offer 1-year domain free with most plans and they give you access to over 1000s of templates and also supply additional tools in the App market.

You will also get access to advanced email, domain, disk space from 500mb to 20GB and eCommerce features too but for that, you need to upgrade Wix to its non-free plans. They give up to $300 worth of ad credits too.

If you purchase Wix.com you have only 14 days money-back guarantee.

  1. WordPress.com

WordPress.com is one of the most popular brands in web hosting. But you should keep in mind that WordPress is not that simple as some of the drag and drop site builders like Wix and Weebly. It gives users access to an enormously high ceiling with which they can create and grow an online presence.

Even though the site owners require to purchase the open-source version of the content management and design a web hosting plan, WordPress.com detach all that inconveniences by pairing the system with many of online storage and support.

WordPress.com offers 3GB Disk storage, emails, a WordPress.com subdomain, 3GB Bandwidth with hundreds of mobile-friendly themes, and customizations.

If you want to unlock more themes, advanced customization options, more storage, eCommerce functions, and SEO tools you can upgrade the plans just for $4 per month.

  1. Weebly.com

Weebly also a very popular website builder which offers many varieties of plans to customers almost free of charge.

This is all in one hosting and drag and drop website builder where you can start designing for free and if you want you can upgrade for more features later. Their free plan offers you 500 MB Unlimited Disk Space, free domain name, hundreds of free templates that can edit through HTML, CSS or drag-and-drop and unlimited bandwidth. The most significant feature even though they include their branding in the footer of your website, their free plans have no ads.

Finally, if you are not happy about purchasing Weebly.com, you have 30 days money-back guarantee.

  1. Bravenet.com

Bravenet.com is for the customers who expect the full package in Web hosting. It’s founder and CEO is Dave Shworan. This Canadian company serves more than 15 million members worldwide. This is also one of the only free web hosters with an email marketing platform.

Bravenet.com offers storage of 500mb, bandwidth of 1 GB, free Bravenet subdomain, free drag-and-drop website builder and Ecwid shopping cart, product search with product listing. You can unlock emails with paid upgrades.

One of the significant features in Bravenet is that its customers can enjoy community-building features like message boards, mailing lists, blogs, contact forms, polls and many other tools. You can design your messages by using templates or customized solution through Bravenet’s email marketing tool. Further you can measure your success by looking at the company’s in-depth analytics dashboard.

According to CEO, currently, Bravenet is renovating its site builder while preparing to roll out 400 top-level domains for customers who want to upgrade to their own registration. The company provides a pain-free entry into paid hosting services by using the cheap plans starting 99 cents per month.

  1. X10Hosting.com

Since their old stages, x10Hosting give their fee hosting customers a stable and high-performance background with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel. They have a big community support team which includes over 750,000 members in it.

They offer unlimited storage with bandwidth,2 add-on domains,1 parked domain,2 subdomains,3 free entry accounts, the website builder with over 150 templates,1-click installs for eCommerce platforms like Magento and many more. By installing cPanel also you can get access to many other programs.

  1. AwardSpace

AwardSpace is a leader in the free web hosting industry with experience of more than a decade.

Their main objective of providing free hosting is that to grow their customer base. By their free plan, they allow their new customers to test their service and decide whether they want to continue with AwardSpace or not.

AwardSpace offers ad free service with 1 GB disk storage, 5 GB bandwidth, an email account with spam filter, and hosting for 1 domain and 3 subdomains.

  1. 5GBFree.com

5GBFree.com is one of the newest free web hosting sites in our list. Their main attention is paid towards cutting-edge technology and security by moving lately to a top US-based datacenter and using the CloudLinux operating system.

This web hosting site stopped their advertising on free accounts 6 years ago. There is limited support to their forums but for a free hosting plan they are not asking to sign a contract.

5GBFree.com offers,5 GB disk storage,20 GB bandwidth,1 add-on, and 1 parked domain,1-click WordPress installs,1-click installs for Joomla, PHPShop, and ZenCart. Further, many more apps are available through cPanel.

  1. Freehostia.com

Freehostia’s Chocolate flavor which is an interesting plan name offers free cloud hosting.

They offer ad-free service with 259MB  Disk storage,6GB monthly bandwidth,5 hosted domains,3 email accounts,1-click cart installations of many platforms, free website templates, and plus 1 -click installs.

It is 15 times faster than most of the traditional shared hosting setups.

Freehostia.com customer support team is available 24/7.

  1. FreeWebHostingArea.com

New users can try this FreeWebHostingArea.com, as it gives space to explore and experiment with modern versions of PHP, MariaDB, and Apache.

For over 13 years in service, this web hosting site is an old hand option which improves its users’ experience with multi-CPU servers, ample RAM, and solid-state disks that boost the speed and constancy.

FreeWebHostingArea.com helps beginners with average support and provides many features for them in the work like a community forum, site builder, support for SSL certificate, and an auto-installer for popular software.

This web hosting service offers 1.5 GB Disk Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, and free subdomain or transfers your own registered domain

If your site has at least one visit in each month, you do not have to worry about the expiration because it will not happen.

But still, they have ads in their site and if you want to opt them you can just pay $1 per month.

Bluehost Review

From 2017 to the present, we have been a paying customer of Bluehost Web. For all these three years we have been monitoring their cheapest “basic” shared hosting plan performance for average load time and uptime.

In this review about Bluehost counts largely on data, overall experience with their hosting features, and level of efficiency in customer support.

Like many other website hosting companies, Bluehost also offers a free domain to their customers for the first year. Normally, all Bluehost plans give their customers many offerings like 24/7 live chat, unmetered bandwidth, and also they offer five email accounts. Their plans include improved security, backups, and free SSL certificate which help to keep your blog or website guarded. You can find these plans starting from $2.75/mo.

The most specific fact is that the great performance of Bluehost for the last 2 years. It is at the top with its uptime in 99.99% and a fast load time of 405ms in 0.4 seconds.

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of using Bluehost hosting.

Advantages of Using Bluehost Hosting.

Best Uptime throughout the year (99.99%)

The most important fact that the consumers are searching for when selecting a hosting company is Uptime. When you are connecting with your users, and if your site gets down, your users find it difficult to access it. Therefore, it is essential to give your priority to good uptime. Bluehost is the best solution for this issue. It was keeping their test site live for 99.99% the last 2 years, from 2018 to 2020.

If you pay attention to the monthly breakdown of Bluehost of the past 12 months, you can see that for over 7 months it has shown 100% uptime. The breakdown of other 5 months was also not bad, because they all were mentioned above 99.96%.

So, the above given data proves that, there is no doubt that Bluehost is one of the most reliable web hosting providers.

One of the Top 5 Website “Load” Speed-405ms

A research conducted by Google last year found that the majority of mobile websites are very slow in “Load” speed.

This affect brings two disadvantages for your website. One is that based on its loading speeds your website can elevate or hide in user searches by Google’s mobile-first index. The other disadvantage is those websites that are slow are always translated into lower sales.

By this, you can understand that the loading times of the page of your host are the second most important thing which would affect the success or failure of your site.

We have been using Pingdom, which is a third-party tool since February 2018, to keep track the performance of Bluehost hosting. This also gave us good results once again showing that Bluehost is the 5th fastest site in average loading speed of 405ms, out of all others that we have tested.

Low Introductory pricing ($2.75/mo)

Given below are the full pricing and plans of Bluehost.

The lowest advertised price in Bluehost is $3.95 per month. We can find it as a reasonable amount to the customers because Bluehost has reduced the amount up to $3.95 per month from almost $7.99 which is the amount that they usually charge per month.

For $3.95, you can get lots of advantages from a single website. These advantages include 50GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, etc.

This proves that their service is really valued for the price you are paying them initially because of their consistent uptime and loading speeds of pages.

We have already done an agreement with Bluehost which would be greater relief for our readers. The deal we have done with them is that Bluehost agreed to charge just only 2.75 per month as the starting price from our readers.

As you see this is one of the best deals in the current market for a new affordable host like you!


Best Security Options

We all know that many of the cheap product options in the market do not give you better security choices. But we can guarantee that even though the Bluehost is cheaper, they do not cut the security options of your website.

As we mentioned earlier, Bluehost has a huge number of security options, especially including the free SSL certificate for each plan.

In order to prevent hackers from finding and using your personal details for phishing schemes to trouble you or hack your over sensitive information, Bluehost has included a domain privacy feature. This domain privacy feature will help you to keep your personal data that you have used to sign up for a domain private.

Malware attacks are very common on all WordPress sites. To prevent from these attacks Bluehost has included SiteLock feature too. They have also included CodeGuards which is another security option and it will help you to backup your information from previous versions of a site if the site has got hacked.

You can keep your inbox of email safe from getting unwanted emails as you have the world’s safest spam protection tool, Postini, from Google.

After considering all the above-mentioned facts regarding security, without any doubt, you can see that this offers the best security package to keep your site safe.

Many Integrations, Apps, and eCommerce Features

Bluehost provides access to many different types of apps and integrations and as a result, you can enjoy the most popular services on the web.

Let me give you an example.

If you just purchase or manage multiple domains, Bluehost offers you a domain manager. If you want, you can set daily, weekly, or monthly backups too.

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, run an e-commerce shop are some of the popular content management systems (CMS) that you can install Bluehost.

In order to keep your site quick, Bluehost will also include access to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). At the same time, these host your images and large files, taking the work off your servers, and to deliver your work faster to your users around the world.

“Official” Wordpess.org Recommended Host

Bluehost is among the three “officially” recommended hosting partners to use with a WordPress site. The other two are Dreamhost and SiteGround.

This shows the way that Bluehost earned its reputation in an important website like WordPress.

Easy to Use for Beginners

We can say that Bluehost is a user-friendly interface for both experts and non-experts. The layout of Bluehost’s control panel (cPanel) is very simple and easy to use.

Some of the web hosts like LiquidWeb are very difficult to control by a beginner. You need expert knowledge for such a web host. But, Bluehost consists of features for beginners as well as for advanced users too.

The beginners also can get the help of the Bluehost website builder tools like Weebly or Drupal. By using them, they can start with a template and customize it as they want.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Bluehost offers 30- day money-back guarantee on their plans. You can try their services as a trial and if you are not satisfied with their service, then you can grant for a refund from them. But there are certain rules and conditions for this:

  • Your refund will be only the web-hosting cost. Any other products like domains or other add-ons are not included in the refund.
  • If you received a free domain name in your plan, a $15.99 fee will be deducted.
  • No refund will be issued for any requests after 30 days.

It is essential to read the above policies and understand them before you sign up.

Customer Support

If you have any questions on Bluehost, you can directly contact their customer support team. There you have options like, live chat, email ticket support, or phone support.

We tried to contact them via live chat option and within two minutes Vinutha from Bluehost connected with us. We had a friendly and professional communication with each other and Vinutha directly gave solutions for our issues.

Disadvantages of Using Bluehost Hosting


Even though Bluehost performs well all the time, there are some issues that we find in Bluehost.

Higher Renewal Rates which is common in the Web Hosting Industry

In order to save a reasonable amount of money, it is better to select prepay packages at least for three years. By doing so, you can save up to hundreds of dollars within those three years.

The other issue is higher renewal rates. Right after your introductory period, you have to pay a high amount for the renewal process. The above mentioned prepaid option is also a good option for this issue as you have to pay for a full three years at $3.95.

Anyway, after completing this term, you have to pay according to their “Normal “rates which range from $7.99 to $8.99 per month.

Site Migrations Are Not Free

Most of the web hosts do free migrations for their customers. But we cannot find this offer in Bluehost. We have to pay a high amount like $149.99 to Bluehost in order to get access to free migrations. This is a one-time fee and it includes the migrations of up to 5 websites, 20 email accounts, and other database files for these sites.

Even though you have to pay such a huge amount of money, Bluehost claims that it will be very quick and as a result, you will not experience any delays or downtime.


Bluehost Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you have to pay $3.95/mo for the Basic plan. But with our discount, you have to only pay $2.75.

The options, Plus plan and Choice plans are for the same price of $5.45/mo. They allow you to manage unlimited domains, parked domains, and subdomains. They also give you the option for unlimited websites, SSD storage, and bandwidth.

If you want all the above-mentioned features with the highest performance, then you have to select the Pro plan which starts at $13.95 per month.

Bluehost also possesses all major web hosting types, including VPS, cloud, and dedicated data centers.