The 7 Best Free Web Hosting Sites (2020)

Free web hosting is becoming more popular these days with the development of technology. It is needed more amount to make a website to be a successful one. At every chance, you will lose some money due to the cutting of costs. It’s worth finding that free web hosting is more useful or not in an economical way.

The 7 Best Free Web Hosting Sites (2020)

The truth is free web hosts are not economically friendly and not in an active way. Due to some restrictions, they limit bandwidth, storage capacity, server speed, and uptimes in your website and that leads your site to is unusable one.

“Normally, we don’t recommend free hosting providers. Using a good shared host at a low cost is much better such as which is ranked well in the “best web hosting” page”.

You no need to worry, even without enough budget, we are always ready to help to develop your website. As referred and compared 7 free hosting options in this article that will help for your site.

Let’s see them,


The Best “Almost-Free” Hosting ($0.99/mo)


The 7 Best Free Web Hosting Sites (2020)
  • Sub-domain included: Yes
  • Bandwidth: 100GB
  • Disk Space: 10GB
  • Support: Live Chat 24/7
  • Max. Websites: 1
  • Max. Email Accounts: 1
  • Uptime & Speed: Very good
  • Limitations: see terms of use
  • Official website:

Hostinger has more than 29,000,000 clients over these 16 years in their industry proving that they are on top of the free web hosting industries.

However, they are not “Free”…

Even with the limited shared hosting plan, $0.99/month, they have become the most economically budget-friendly web host in the industry.

Presented as one of the fastest web hosting with the average loaded time, 355ms.

These are just basic plan offers. And, there are also more benefits such as,

  • 1 MySQL database
  • 1 FTP user
  • Access to their website builder
  • One-click install of WordPress or other CMS
  • 24/7 customer support (This is one of the best)
  • 100GB of bandwidth and 10GB of disk space
  • one free email account

If you need to upgrade your shared hosting plan than the basic plan with more outgrowing, they always welcome you. And there are;

  • Unlimited websites, email accounts, bandwidth
  • Weekly memory backup
  • Free domain
The 7 Best Free Web Hosting Sites (2020)


While we are reviewing the Hostinger user interface, we get that it doesn’t provide access to you for a classic cPanel…

Instead of that, you will receive a slightly downgraded made-in-house interface which is known as hPanel.

Even it is not a friendly user interface, you can use it in a more useful way due to the speed, customer support, and features.

Below chart represents the average uptime and load time in 2019 of Hostinger’s “shared plan”:

In finally, we would like to conclude that Hostinger grade high marks as the best “almost free”  host with the fasted speed with our reviewed data using the HostGator’s Clouds in the field.


or by clicking the link you can read the full article Hostinger review here.


$0/mo – But 2 Hours Offline Every Month

  • Sub-domain included: Yes
  • Bandwidth: 10GB
  • Disk Space: 1GB
  • Support: Forum/Knowledge Base
  • Max. Websites: 1
  • Max. Email Accounts: 0
  • Uptime & Speed: Bad Uptime, Good Speed
  • Limitations: see terms of use
  • Official website:

“Zero cost Web hosting with PHP, MySQL, cPanel, and no ads!”.

When you check their website will notify the above attractive offer. is also the partner of Hostinger’s company. In the field, it’s rated as one of the top-rated free web hosts.

Anyway, all these offers make you feel it’s good to hear something in this field.

As it happens, they provide majestic speeds and that’s especially beneficial for shared free hosts. Further, there is no ads policy for a much cleaner and who has experience in the friendlier user.

Sad to say, only using these two factors will not enough to save your site other limitations in the web host.

*Note: The sad news is during 2015, 000WebHost was hacked and had a massive security breach which led to leaked the private information of more than 13,000,000 of their customers. That made a black mark on their company.


While reviewing 000WebHost, we noted more problems that you will meet. But, most of them are not widespread or blocking problems during their unusable time uptimes.

Besides, you will experience downtime at least an hour of every week on your site with 99.70% average uptime. With that, you will lose your profit every month like this and that makes you fed up earning money with this.

And also, they limit the bandwidth up to 10GB and disk space up to 1GB which leads to more problems. Furthermore, without email accounts and live chat customer support, you will get more issues with helplessness feeling due to unable situation to connect with them to find a solution.

Below represents the plan of 000WebHost free average uptime and load time in 2019:

Finally as a conclusion, it’s not a good idea to recommend 00WebHost as a useful site even they have good speeds. Due to having horrible uptimes and huge limitations. If you terribly feel to need this site to use then, you can.


Most Unlimited Features

  • Sub-domain included: Yes
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Disk Space: Unlimited
  • Support: Forum/Knowledge Base
  • Max. Websites: 400
  • Max. Email Accounts: 10
  • Uptime & Speed: Good
  • Limitations: see terms of use
  • Official website:

InfinityFree is a small web hosting in the field with only over 300,000 customers.

Even though they have a small number of customers, most of the users identify InfinityFree as the most feature-rich free web host in the market.

However, you will get some problems while using their service, even they are better with features.

Above are not all, their plan includes more benefits, such as:

  • Free SSL certificate with all plans (a very nice bonus)
  • No front-end ads
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • 10 email accounts
  • 1 FTP account
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage space
  • 400 MySQL database

The safest way to interpret their service is that InfinityFree will be a friendly web hosting if you flow their terms of service and acceptable use policies. Then, InfinityFree becomes a more interesting and usable service for your web site.


However, they don’t mention in their website that the offers which are “Unlimited” bandwidth and storage space are available with strongly limited restrictions.

When referring their terms of service, you will notice important and unclear restrictions on types of content and files that only allow you to upload. And also, the amount of the so-called “Unlimited” bandwidth is unclear and doubtful.

Further, the penalty that guides you when there are failures in your website and the limitations of the “Unlimited” offer task is to interrupt or get rid of your website and data.

Attachment represents the InfinityFree free plan average uptime and load time in 2019:


With the results, their uptime is really good, but over 40 hours of downtime can be seen in this January.


Great For Personal and Small Business Websites

  • Sub-domain included: Yes
  • Bandwidth: Unknown
  • Disk Space: Unknown
  • Support: Forum/Knowledge Base
  • Max. Websites: Unlimited
  • Max. Email Accounts: G-suite($6/mo)
  • Uptime & Speed: Very Good
  • Limitations: see terms of use
  • Official website:

Since 2008, they offer a free website builder with their best search engine and other online products such as Sheets, Docs, and Gmail. The website was renewed completely in 2016 and has live websites over 70,000. As usual, this is also entirely free to use.

In their service, you will have experience with templates, drag and drop editing, embedding HTML and Javascript, and integrations and also with their other services such as Drive, Map, Calendar, and more.

Also, you will receive a free subdomain with an SSL certificate, and Google Sites features no ads on your websites.


But, with very limited designing options, adding custom CSS or to add fonts from their own Google Fonts Catalog is not available. Because of having limited SEO options, you will not allow hosting Google Adsense advertisements.

According to the reviewing results on the real uptimes and load times of the GoogleSites hosting, they have reliable and fast service.


Free web hosting that sounds too good to be true because it is.

  • Sub-domain included: Yes
  • Bandwidth: 5GB
  • Disk Space: 1GB
  • Support: Live Chat 24/7
  • Max. Websites: 4
  • Max. Email Accounts: 1
  • Uptime & Speed: Decent
  • Limitations: see terms of use
  • Official website:

AwardSpace has rated in the top already as one of the free hosting providers with 17 years of experience in the web hosting industry and with over 2.5+ million customers.

when talking about their best features;

  • 100% ad-free hosting to the MySQL database
  • 24/7 customer service (an admittedly enticing bonus)
  • One-click CMS (Word/Press/ Joomla) installation
  • 99% uptime guarantee

It seems like a great opportunity but, it’s not true. Mining more through details you will get why that is.


even their offers are really pretty, you will have experience with several issues with their free hosting. Hence, that leads to the prevention of their service as a very active web hosting.

For beginners, some offers are limited such as 1GB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth. Because of that, your new site will be a low condition than other sites.

The thing is that they have permission to sell off your data to third-party vendors due to some legal recommendations in their TOS.

But, those are not big issues when considering the big downtime problem in their service which on average is more than an hour a week.

You will get a clear idea of observing the AwardSpace free plan average uptime and load time in 2019:


Slow speed and no sub-domain

  • Sub-domain included: No
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • Disk Space: 10GB
  • Support: Tickets
  • Max. Websites: 1
  • Max. Email Accounts: 1
  • Uptime & Speed: Horrible
  • Limitations: see terms of use
  • Official website:

FreeHosting is a European company that expands broadly over 10 years of industry experience and has 15,000 customers. But, that not represent their service with their popularity or time of the business.

Besides, with their unmetered bandwidth which is provided according to the acceptable use policy  you will receive the following offers also;

  • A multilingual cPanel
  • 10GB of disk space, one mail account
  • A MySQL database

It seems like one of the better free hosts available in the industry.

Due to technical problems that occur in FreeHosting’s service, even they are unusable it changes them.


FreeHosting was ranked as one of the worst uptimes with very slow load times. Many customers complain of deleted websites and low-quality customer responsive service. Observing the border on the 2-second mark you can detect their low load times. It becomes another company that makes more promises but, failed one to provide them.

Here is the FreeHosting free plan average uptime and load time in 2019:

With horrible uptimes and lowest speeds, we don’t recommend as a usable site.


Low disk space and bad speed & uptimes.

  • Sub-domain included: No
  • Bandwidth: 6GB
  • Disk Space: 250MB
  • Support: FAQ/Tickets
  • Max. Websites: 5
  • Max. Email Accounts: 3
  • Uptime & Speed: Bad
  • Limitations: see terms of use
  • Official website:

With the unique plan name is known as “Chocolate”, freehostia avoids the competition in the market. However, they have a balanced server cluster that will provide you with an increase in the load times across the company’s assets.

Even with this unique feature, it will not provide very much quality from their service.

Because of their offer which has 3 free mail accounts and 5 hosted domains, freehostia’s customer service has leveled up with recommendations recently. However, these offers will not increase performance issues that customers will face in their service due to heavy limitations.


Due to having restrictions to limit your storage and bandwidth, that becomes the biggest problem in Freehostia’s free hosting service.

Considering 250MB of storage and 6GB bandwidth, it’s not even enough for the most minimalist of webmasters to maintain their web site with few images and a line or two plain of text.

The unbelievable thing is very low uptimes and slow speeds.

It might useful for hosting a simple test site or low traffic blog web sites.

This is Freehostia free plan average uptime and load time in 2019:

Even though uptimes and load time are tolerable, no one will wish to use Freehostia for their company when there are available more useful free hosting service in the market.

Why We Recommend Avoiding Free Hosting Services

Considering the review data that we have shared here, the top one also struggles to provide their service as promises in the offers. Hence, they introduce their customers with slow and unusable websites with a low chance of succeeding in present competitive online space.

That’s not all, they can delete your website or online business very quickly without any control.

So, will you lose your hope to become a low-budget webmaster?

There are more options;

Best Alternatives for Free Web Hosting

Even free hosts offer more beneficial things, you will have only an empty site at the end of the day.

It’s not easy to get all their offers to run a successful business website at the basic standard requirements, with the heavy restrictions on bandwidth, storage, and basic features like email accounts and website installations.

But, even with the small amount of money, you can fix with fast and reliable hosting identifying truly unlimited bandwidth and storage. These things are possible due to development in technology and competition in the market.

Besides, you will have a chance to buy 2-3 years of web hosting with an excess of new customer discounts and offers for less than $100.

Even, you could not find a better one here, you can browse our cheap web hosts.