HostGator Cloud Review

If you can’t choose a web hosting company by yourself, we are here to help you with some reviews of the best web hosting companies.

Today we are going to present to you the review of HostGator Cloud. HostGator Cloud is an upgraded version of its shared hosting option. So, they claim that it should be faster and more scalable than their ordinary hosting.

During the past four months, it provided 100% uptime, capping off an excellent 24-month performance. Without affecting it’s speed, giving an average page loading time of 399ms.

HostGator Cloud is recommended as one of the best options by friendly customer support and free site migrations. But you have to be alert about the extra charges that might pop up when checking out or renewing your plan.

Moreover, we are going to give you a complete analysis of the performance of HostGator Cloud, within the past two years.

General Information and Hosting Overview

OUR VERDICT Most Unlimited Hosting
SPEED 399ms (February 2018 to January 2020 average)
UPTIME 99.99% (February 2018 to January 2020 average)
SUPPORT 24/7 Live Chat
APPS WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento
FEATURES Unmetered bandwidth and storage, email accounts, free domain 1st year
HOSTING PLANS Shared, Cloud, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Servers
SITE TRANSFER Single Free Site Transfer
PRICING Starting at $2.74/mo (renews at $8.95/mo)
Our Free Support  Yes

Advantages of HostGator Cloud

Even in the beginning, it shows the best stellar uptime and page loading times. And also their servers have very unique features and they offer an unbelievable discount even. Below we have mentioned some key features of HostGator Cloud.

Very Strong Uptime of 99.99%

The HostGator Cloud has achieved an average uptime of 99.99% over the past two years and got 100% scores in the last five months.

While we are tracking (during the past two years), their uptime dropped below 99.90% uptime guarantee threshold only once. That was in July 2018, and the uptime value was 99.89%.

Now, some of you might wonder how the uptime guarantee works. Let me clear your doubt. Imagine if your average uptime for the month is lower than 99.90%, so you can get a payment credit for that entire month, excluding planned maintenance and other fluke events. And it is always better to know that they stand with their customers, in case if hosting performance temporarily drops.

Another thing is if you are using one of their VPS or dedicated servers, you are also covered by another Network Guarantee.

Last 12-month average uptime for HostGator Cloud

  • January 2020 average uptime: 100%
  • December 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • November 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • October 2019 average uptime: 100%
  •  September 2019 average uptime: 99.98%
  •  August 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • July 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • June 2019 average uptime: 99.98%
  • May 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • April 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • March 2019 average uptime: 100%
  •  February 2019 average uptime: 100%


Top 5 load times (only 399ms)

As I have mentioned earlier, HostGator Cloud offers some additional features than its standard shared servers. The best one is speed.

The company claims that they provide “up to 2 faster load times. And that is mainly due to “low-density servers, premium hardware, and multiple caching layers.”

But the shared plans of HostGator became unsuccessful in this context by posting a very low 113ms average load time. Actually that is too low to recommend. And we were not sure if HostGator Cloud will

be able to provide “2 faster load times.” But they were able to do so!

Therefore a two year average of just 399ms is reliable for us to place HostGator Cloud among our top five fastest web hosts. You can see the values by yourself.

Load time averages during the past 16 months

Furthermore, HostGator Cloud has reliable uptime with super-fast servers.


Special Discounted Price (Only to

Even though the uptime and page speeds are far greater than their shared servers, many people don’t upgrade to the Cloud version. Why? That is because of the cost.

According to the advertisements, the starting price for the Cloud option was $2.95 per month up to $9. 95 per month. And this price is valid for the three-year term too. So some of the users stick with the shared hosting.

Fortunately, HostGator Cloud offers a discount bringing the pricing to $2.99 per month.
So that you will be paying the shared hosting rates but getting a better service than the shared hosting.

But please remember that this discount is only valid for one, three, and six-month plans. After the expiration, the price will be $8.95 on the lowest plan.

Very user-friendly hosting

The main features of the beginner-friendly hosting are unmetered bandwidth and storage. That is unusual for less expensive hosting companies. But, you won’t be charged as your site grows. That is definitely good news.

In normal situations when your site is growing to a larger one, you may have to consider an expensive plan, unlike HostGator Cloud. The major limitation in HostGator Cloud is the particular number of sites you want to host.

Furthermore, if you are planning to host a single site, you can select the least expensive option. You won’t regret the choice as that won’t hinder the growth of your site. And also you won’t be charged for utilizing additional resources.

When comparing with a managed WordPress host like WP Engine; they charge additional fees if your site exceeds monthly plan limits.

Unfortunately, these charges are usually automatic. But HostGator Cloud offers you an all in one pricing that will only cost you few bucks a month.


FREE Extras: Server Resource Management, Monitoring, and Site Migrations

As you already know HostGator Cloud is faster as it doesn’t rely on your basic servers. Each and every data center is backed up with integrated caching, cloud resources management, and data mirroring. In order to optimize the loading speed, manage resource allocation, and to ensure the availability of these features work hand in hand. In a nutshell, servers can work together with a visitor’s browser to restrict the number of resources that need to be sent to and fro.

And also HostGator Cloud offers in server monitoring and automatic “failover” to inform you about any hardware errors. Thereby you will be able to save your site by taking necessary actions.

Additionally, cPanel is included in each plan together with new email accounts. You will even get a free site or cPanel migration from your current web host.

All options in HostGator Cloud contain a single free site migration. Other hosting service providers will give extra migrations for free, but most of them will charge you for any migration. If you are thinking of moving more sites than that, the estimated cost will be $25 per site. And please keep in mind that the cost will vary with the size or number of files.

Sadly, HostGator can’t move certain sites for you. They are the sites that lack FTP and/or databases including VistaPrint, Intuit, Wix, Google Sites, Microsoft Office, and MobileMe.


Good Friendly support

We all want our site to be up during 24/7. Right? HostGator Cloud offers 24/7/365 support via a knowledge base and a number of video tutorials, phone support, and even live chat.

Before writing this review, we tested their live chat. We just typed our name and then the initiative problem. Puneeth came and helped us within just five minutes. And he was very cooperative and answered most of our queries apart from the ones regarding the site migrations.

As similar as most of the web hosts HostGator Cloud also offers a single free site migration. But other hosts won’t move sites for free and you have to pay a simple fee. Puneeth wasn’t capable of giving a straight forward answer to our question on the charges for multiple migrations. According to him, it depends on the size or number of files and some other details.

So, we refreshed the live chat session and tried again. Finally, we were able to get an answer on migrations. That is an estimated cost of $25 per site.

In conclusion, the live chat support was quite jarring but they were able to answer all our queries. But the good news is that even though the HostGator Cloud didn’t offer social media support in the beginning, now they are providing a very responsive and excellent social media support. They answer individual questions even several times a day. Therefore you are not alone now.

Disadvantages of HostGator Cloud

Apart from two cons, HostGator Cloud has excellent performance. The first one is the higher price rates for short term plans and very high renewal rates. And the second disadvantage is they have disabled some additional services and now charge you for those services.

Introductory Price Hikes and High renewal rates

Knowing how to tackle the common pricing ploys you will be able to save a large amount of money. So let’s learn a bit more about the pricing.

Let’s start with the initial introductory rate. It will be a quite low monthly price. But the important thing is often you have to pre-pay for about two to three years to get the benefits. Another thing is that the cost of a shorter monthly option will be twice or thrice that cost.

Ex: HostGator Cloud will cost $3.58 per month, 36 months that renews at $8.95 per month.

We recommend you to stick to the three-year rate when you select a host you prefer. That is because the high renewal rate is the second common pricing issue in the hosting Industry. So, when your initial term is completed, your plan will automatically renew at $8.95 per month with the same service. Nothing added or improved.

Therefore make sure to pay for the longest term available to avoid additional cost.

HostGator Cloud Pricing, hosting plans and quick facts

A summarized version of HostGator Cloud plans is given below.

  • Hatchling Cloud (this was the plan we used)
    Starts from $2.74/month with the discount, Supports one site, 2 GB Memory, 2 core CPUs, Free, SSL certificate, Unmetered storage and bandwidth
  • Baby Cloud
    starts from $3.21 per month, Supports unlimited sites, 4FB memory, 4 core CPUs, A Free SSL certificate, Free IP, SEO tools for free, Unmetered storage and bandwidth
  • Business Cloud
    Starts from $7.18 per month, Supports unlimited domains, 6GB memory, 5 core CPUs, A free SSL, certificate, Free IP, SEO tools for free, Unmetered bandwidth and storage
  • Sign up: The methods are very easy and simple
  • Payment methods: You can use PayPal or credit card
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses
    Apart from unlimited bandwidth and storage, you won’t be able to use more than 25% of their system for over 90 seconds. They cannot migrate some types of FTP fewer sites. And renewal rates are somewhat higher than the usual rates.
  • Upsells: Some are along the way
  • Account Activation: A maximum of 48 hours will require for the activation.
  • Control Panel and Dashboard Experience    :C Panel
  • Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla likewise): Very simple. The only one click away.

What is our recommendation?

Yes. We recommend HostGator Cloud.

It handles several things very well. It is inexpensive with our discount and very user friendly. Additionally, you will get the best uptime and page loading performance with admirable customer support.

So, apart from the higher renewal rates and some additional fees, the particular plan is discounted at the same price as the shared options make it a good choice.524