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Web Hosting Hub provides online shared hosting facilities for small businesses. It’s low in price and Web Hosting Hub offers special discounts for beginners.

It started in 2010, owned by InMotion Company Group. Web Hosting Hub located in  Virginia Beach a city in Virginia. They have two U.S.Data Centers is located in the West and East regions.  In addition, they have 200+ U.S.based team members, and they maintain more than 40,000 customers. Web Hosting Hub offers a good service to customers. They help and support customers to build a new website.

Web Hosting Hub archives Solid-state Drives (SSDs), that have no moving mechanical parts and are the big progress in data storage technology recently.  As a result, they can offer good quality and 20× faster hosting for your website. So SSDs have faster read and write speed and progressed uptime than traditional mechanical hard drives (HDDs).


Benefits  of using Web Hosting Hub 


Customer Support 

The page should be load or respond quickly in a few seconds. Visitors can exit the Website if it takes more seconds. So uptime and fast loading are more important and reliable.

Similarly, customer support if problems are not resolved quickly customer support transactions can be fatal.

Web Hosting Hub offers satisfied good customer support and help, they are connecting with their customer within three minutes after verifying their accounts. Web Hosting Hub’s Customer Community  Team provides help and support through Via chat, email, and phone throughout the day. They offer friendly support.

_ To sum up the overall experience is a positive one for Web Hosting Hub’s support and a larger number of other customers are also satisfied.

Process of Signup 

They have an easy, simple, and quick sign up process. After a few clicks, they will take care of all and arrange everything for you.

Free Domain Name and Site Migration

If you have a website already somewhere else you can easily transfer it to Web Hosting Hub. They will offer a free domain name to make the deal interesting.

Solid-State Hard Drives (SSDs) 

Web Hosting Hub takes advantage of new solid-state hard disks. According to PCMag’s experts, these SSDs can produce results that are up to 20 times faster than standard (mechanical) hard drives used by some competitors.

_ They have had little success in the process. However, they are faster than the average web hosts.

Money-Back Guarantee 

The Web Hosting Hub has a 90 days money-back guarantee. Most web hosts offer 30 days or 60 days money-back guarantee. This means that if you intend to give them a chance, you have a risk-free opportunity to test their service for three months.

_ But there are some non-repayable fees in any circumstances, according to Web Hosting Hub’s terms of service. Such as fee paid by the subscriber for SSL certificates, domain names

_Web Hosting Hub lacks month to month payments options.

_ In Web Hosting Hub, apart from the “Free Domain Name ” promotion, they will cost $11.99 fee for each year for the domain and in addition $5.00 fee as an administrative fee. That means they will reduce your total refund by $16.99 which is worth compared to most competitors.

However, you can transfer them to an alternate hosting company after terminating your subscription with the Web Hosting Center, you retain full ownership f your domain name(s).

 Eco friendly  

They believe, it is important to be eco-friendly as the nation’s fastest-growing web hosting provider. Any customer can understand their commitment to eco-friendly policies.

Since 2010, they have focused on getting better at the carbon footprint of their centers. At the same time, they have put as much emphasis on stopping the use of paper products as possible, reducing waste, and increasing the recycling of their offices.

Using advanced outdoor air cooling technology, the company opened it’s first (so far ) green data center in Los Angeles a city n Califonia. One of their core beliefs is that reducing is better than offsetting, especially when it comes to energy consumption. Using advanced outdoor air cooling technology, they reduce their cooling costs by almost 70% and reduce their carbon production by more than 2,000 per year.

Traditional Data Center Computer Room Air Conditional (CRAC) works non stop, cooling, and recycling the hot air generated by the server. It’s not an efficient way to run your server rooms these days. Overtime burns more energy to help a room that is already hot. An outdoor air cooler releases warm air from the building to bring in cool air and is used through the CRAC unit only when needed due to high temperature or humidity.

_ If you are eco friendly or you’re looking for an eco-friendly site, or are concerned about reducing your carbon footprint it is best to use Web Hosting Hub. But in terms of energy efficiency, they still produce new waves.

WordPress Web Hosting 

Web Hosting Hub presents WordPress events such as word camps.  For beginners, professional WordPress developers, and counselors. They currently manage thousands of WordPress based sites and blogs.  They have expertly trained support technicians. Transferring a WordPress blog is simple and quick with Web Hosting Hub.


Disadvantages of using Web Hosting Hub 

The Web Hosting Hub provides a good list of positives. The support is good enough. Unfortunately, there are some potential downsides too.

01. Provide “shared ” hosting only

If you have no plans to expand to advanced hosting plans,  Web Hosting Hub ‘s excellent customer service and strong shared hosting plans look attractive. It offers several benefits, such as their faster registration process. But larger web sites and more intelligent users like to use specialized hosting options for larger websites that require more resources to operate. f you understand this part you may be forced to start the host review process again, looking for other premium options elsewhere. Many of the editors’  options are Dreamhost, HostGator.

02.Hosting price tricks

In web Hosting Hub low monthly fee is $5.99, but to receive it you have to register for a full three years.

They lack month to month payment options. The lowest is twelve months and the price goes up to $7.99 per month (paid in advance).

In the end, it’s not a good deal. unfortunately, the pricing strategy is very widespread in the hosting industry as most are the same. Customers need to stay alert.

03.Additional payments for backups security.

Web Hosting Hub even offers daily backups and automate the system but it’ll value an extra dollar per month. The price is not the case. But most other web hosts offer security features for free. McAfee virus and Anti_spam Protection costs are starting from $1.39 per year and SSL certificates cost $99 per year.

04. Web Hosting Hub pricing, hosting and other facts

Web Hosting Hub only offers shared hosting. There are some plans. Such as spark plan, nitro plan, and dynamo plan.


Spark Plan  

_includes all of the necessary tools and features.

_ costs $5.99 fee monthly.

_ supports two websites, 10MySQL databases, and 25 subdomains.

Nitro plan 

_costs $7.99 fee monthly

_suppots unlimited websites, sub-domains, and MySQL databases.

Dynamo plan 

_costs $9.99 fee monthly.

_ supports unlimited websites, sub-domains, and unlimited MySQL databases.

These hosting plans offer

_ free domain name,  SSDs, and zero-downtime website transfer

_ unlimited disk space,  bandwidth, and email

_ Cpanel

_ free private SSL certificate

_ 90-day money-back guarantee (3 months)

_ easy signup process.

Payments are done by credit card. There is a limit of files for their customers. If accounts exceed 10GB or 75,000 files are denied from the backup system you’ll have to pay about $50 fee to restore. Their account activation is quick.

Do we recommend Web Hosting Hub?

In conclusion, their uptime, and customer support is okay. But the prices aren’t as good as advertised. If you live outside the U.S. your account verification can be delayed by 24 hours. Generally, their performance is fairly normal. So we cannot recommend Web Hosting Hub.

Despite that, you can work with InMotion hosting (another brand of them) or you should choose another Web Hosting brand.

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