WebHostingBuzz Review

WebHostingBuzz runs 250,000 number of websites in more than 140 countries. The reason for their popularity is their excellent uptime and fast page load time. Normally their average uptime is 99.96% and page loading time is 450 ms over the past 24 months. They are a world-class company that offers a range of hosting services. WebHostingBuzz offers web hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. They have clients around 28,000.

Most of the time Bloggers may love to get access to popular applications like WordPress.And also on the other hand side, many advanced webmasters may love to get access to the most recent programming languages.

WebHostingBuzz offers a transparent and direct 45-day money-back guarantee for their clients. So you don’t need to worry. Most of the web hosting companies trick their customers with special new customer pricing and unusual termination clauses when renewing their service. The best thing about WebHostingBuzz they don’t do that to their clients.

They provide excellent websites and SEO tools like Attracta and other automatic tools of SEO available in cPanel. So you can get a great deal of support from them in order to grow your business. WebHostingBuzz also partners with Cloudflare. It’ll provide you extra security measures and easy access to a CDN and CodeGuard which the best website backup service.

They are also integrated totally with Gmail and Google Apps. The best thing is they create their own in-house Google Apps connector. So their clients can enjoy every one of Google’s office tools with their website hosted with WebHostingBuzz.

WebHostingBuzz is not popular as some bigger web hosts like WP Engine, HostGator or Bluehost. But WebHostingBuzz count into the list of a top web hosting providers of the US and Europe. They are fully focused on offering excellent levels of service with speedy, reliable web servers. WebHostingBuzz provides the newly introduced hardware and 24/7/365 technical support to their clients. They are equipped with a very talented technical support team. They’ll support you to ensure the reliability of your website.

Pros of Using WebHostingBuzz

WebHostingBuzz has proven that they provide a fast page loading time and a reliable uptime over the past few years. Most of their plans offer access to more than 450 applications. You can install them very easily within a few minutes. And they offer a 45-day refund policy for those who aren’t satisfied with their service.

Fast Page Load Time(450 ms)

One can make a million within milliseconds. Hence fast site speed can increase revenue for your brands. Therefore speed has a large impact on the experience of viewers who visits your site. Therefore it’s a very important factor that should be considered. If your site has a bad performance, it’s sure that 79% of your buyers may not buy again from your site.

If your selected host is a slow one, it’ll continue to get slower when you start to build new pages. It may be hit your wallet badly.

WebHostingBuzz has been continued to provide fast page load time for the past few years. If we look back at the last past 24 months, they’ve maintained their average page loading time for 405 ms. So it is proven that they are counted into the top 10 fastest hosts list. In the last year 2019 also they have presented faster page load time of 300 ms. So we have to continue to keep eye on them if they can maintain this speed in the future also.

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

The best thing about WebHostingBuzz is it offers a 45-day money-back guarantee for all shared, online business and reseller accounts. And also they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for VPS accounts too.

But all the other extra services such as issuing of SSL certificates, domain name registration, and services are not be refunded. Most of the hosting providers charge approximately $15 for a domain name registration.But WebHostingBuzz charges only $10.99 for .com or for .net.

Over 450 1-Click Applications and Free Migrations

WebHostingBuzz is fully loaded with around 450 popular apps. Every one of them can be installed automatically with few clicks.No need to get into trouble with complicated codes.

WebHostingBuzz will provide free migration if you need to bring over one of your already existing websites. If you’re a web developer, it may be more advantageous for you to use WebHostingBuzz. Because it provides you many advanced features that may support you in your journey. They have servers that provide complete support for everything that starts from HTML 5, JavaScript, PHP 5, MySQL, Perl, etc.

Uptime Almost as Good as Advertised

In order to provide reliable uptime, WebHostingBuzz maintains a private suite in Tier iv data centers. And also they monitor their high-end hardware round the clock in order to make sure they’re online and empower your websites.

WebHostingBuzz continues maintaining uptime of 99.96% during the last 24 months. The last 12 months have been particularly strong, fluctuating from 99.98% to 100%, while the others are unsatisfactory 99.83%.During the spring of 2018 WebHostingBuzz fight with consistency. One month was 100% flawless and the other month was 99.83% unsatisfactory.

Green Web Hosting

They have made many commitments toward the environment. If you’re an environmentally friendly one, there’s happy news for you. This web hosting company cares about protecting the environment. WebHostingBuzz’s core values consist of an attempt to decrease its carbon footprint without skimping on their performance. They also sponsor The Woodland Trust, which a charity that focuses on reducing the level of carbon in the world through safeguarding woodlands.

In order to do this, WebHostingBuzz servers use less power consumption compared with other average servers. It’s due to the use of energy-efficient parts. And also they recycle 70% of their waste. In addition to that, they use the air conditioning that is approved by Energy Stared Board. Not only that they use energy-efficient lighting in their offices.

Annual Prepayment Discount with same Renewal Price

The starting price of the first payment plan of WebHostingBuzz is somewhat expensive compared with other web hosting services. But they will let you get two advantages from their pay plans.

The first thing they will offer you an annual discount of prepayment. When you cover your payment for the whole year, you get a chance to get fees of 2 months through the board on all pay plans, So it can be a breakdown as pay plans of Personal, Developers, and Business. A personal hosting plan is more suitable for small scale websites. It costs $4.99 per month. And the developer pay plan is the best choice for those who look for a properly balanced and cost-beneficial web hosting plan. It charges $9.99 for a month, the Business web hosting plan is designed especially for businesses. It is good for busy websites. You have to pay $24.99 per month to this plan.

The second thing is their renewal rates don’t get increased. Most of the Web hosting services are famous for doubling their monthly price of their clients when they renew their plans. But according to WebHostingBuzz’s billing FAQs, the payment you pay is basically “freezing” and applies to every future renewals.No need to worry about the expensive surprise of your credit card statement for a year from now on.

WebHostingBuzz Affiliate Program

You can get a commission from WebHostingBuzz if a visitor of your site purchases something after clicking on the affiliate link to their site. In order to do that you have to sign up and get accepted to their program. You have to provide some information about you and your site. Then they will provide you an individual tracking code. So that they can identify you and your visitors. There’s no limit to earning. The only thing you have to do is signup customers across their affiliate program. And then they give you a commission for that. The value of commission may carry from $50 to $125 for one successful referral.

WebHostingBuzz will pay your commission in the last week of every month. They use one of the best affiliate tracking software with Cookies to track sales that generate through your links. You can use this commission to cover your hosting or upgrade fees. You can look into your sales activities and commission very easily by login to WebHostingBuzz Affiliate panel. In addition to that, they will grant you a code of exclusive discount coupon. You can use them along with an affiliate link. Another good thing is you don’t need to have any special technical knowledge to use the banners and text links provided by WebHostingBuzz. If you’re an affiliate with better performance, they may offer you the privilege of having their exclusive banners.

Fast, affordable, VPS with advanced features

WebHostingBuzz provides VPS hosting with great security features. They offer VPS hosting with fast performance and efficient support. WebHostingBuzz provides a range of packages of VPS hosting plans that match everyone’s budget. WebHostingBuzz grants budget VPS hosting plans that start at $8 for a month.

Their own dedicated servers of world-class data centers, and own redundant connection to the fastest networks of global data. Every one of their dedicated servers comes with  2 IPv4 addresses free of charge. They supply more according to your request. In addition, these servers are equipped with unique 100 Mbps network ports. These network ports connect to their redundant network. Not only that a connection of 1 Gbps is available as an add on.

Tools like SolusVM and cPanel of WebHostingBuzz helps to get the best performed VPS hosting. You can use SolusVM to do all the activities related to your VPS such as manage, start, stop, reboot, and control at the server level. And you may use cPanel or WebHost Manager in order to do site management and user management within your VPS.

Anyway, you must select the right package that meets your requirements. These packages are instantly upgradable. You can add resources as you wish at any time. WebHostingBuzz will do managing, monitoring, and maintaining your VPS for the lowest fee for a month. They offer you great support to uplift your VPS. Their ticket response is time-calibrated in minutes and seconds not in hours and days. They provide VPS solutions from their own infrastructure. And also they guarantee 100% network uptime through their top-notch routers, switches, and higher bandwidth.

Cons of Using WebHostingBuzz

WebHostingBuzz is one of the best-performed Web Hosting services. Their uptime and page loading times are excellent. Their free migration is also very favorable. And the best thing of all is their refund policy. But they also have some weaknesses in some fields. It’ll cause somewhat damage to their popularity. A summary of those failures are given below,

No new customer Discount

When we look at the prices of the cheapest web hosts in the current market, they may charge you one or two bucks for a month. Their prices are so cheap because they afford special prices for their new customers. So they can attract them for their services. But they will charge a higher rate cost at the renewal of the plan later on. This, in combination with per-payment for up to three years, can support you lock in with a new host at very low rates. Most of the web hosts we’ve reviewed follow this trend. But WebHostingBuzz is the one difference.

In WebhostingBuzz, long term discounts are unavailable. The cheapest pay plan is a personal plan.it charges $4.99 for a month. And it includes 20 GB SSD storage,1 GB memory, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and 100% CPU speed. Although most of these features are fair for this price, the memory is not sufficient

If you need more advanced features than this, you have to choose the Developer plan and Business plan cost $9.99 and $24.99 respectively. As mentioned earlier, you have the ability to per-pay for a year and bring down the cost a little bit. And the WebHostingBuzz renewal price of the plan is not getting increased.

Unfortunately, if you choose WebHostingBuzz you lose the opportunity to get a new customer discount and save a bunch in three years or more when you get with many other hosts.

Limited Support

Many of the web hosts are famous to give 24/7 live chat support in order to make it easier for their customers to enjoy their service. They will give you a quick response to your queries. But WebHostingBuzz again breakdown that trend too. They only offer the knowledge base and support tickets for their clients. WebHostingBuzz does not provide any phone or live chat support.

Odd Termination Clause

You get a sign in to a new host with the excitement of getting a new project.at that moment, the idea of what may happen for your journey if an issue or problem suddenly came up may not come into your mind.

Usually, we look at the delicate print that is buried deep within the host. This where you can find something that will prevent you from getting your money back or a service that you normally think will work.

WebHostingBuzz has its own trend on this too. It is a strange termination clause that shows how plans can be renewed and canceled to prevent automatically charging for the next term. You’ll get a notification statement from them.

Here are the 2 key points of their statement,

  1. You are unable to tell them you need to cancel before passing 10 days from your billing date. (You can’t cancel it earlier)
  2. And also you are unable to cancel it later than 3 days earlier than the billing date.

This whole thing totally sounds odd. Within very little time you have to let them know that you need to cancel. If not they’ll say ”no” to you. As we see, it’s an attempt of them not to accept most of the cancellations without even trying to get you to pay the price of renewal for the next term.

Do we recommend WebHostingBuzz

Yes, we do

All the web hosting plans of WebHostingBuzz are powered by CloudLinux,cPanel, LiteSpeed web server, and advanced real-time-anti malware scanner. They provide you a faster web hosting. WebHostingBuzz provides you the fastest web servers in order to support you in getting online in a quicker way. They’ll set up your web hosting within few minutes of your signing up. WebHostingBuzz is famous to give a 1-Click installer for any application you need to install.

In WebHostingBuzz you can setup a full WordPress blog within less than 60 seconds. For this, you can use their Softaculous and cPanel installer. everyone hates downtime. Therefore WebHotingBuzz makes sure to supply reliable uptime. Because of WebHostingBuzz’s cPanel, you can easily use their service. It’ll make easier everything such as creating a new email account, make changes in the FTP password, or giving password protection for a directory. They offer you unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth through their shared web hosting plans. They provide this service by using large hard drives and 10 Gigabit internet backbone. Everyone’s web hosting service is not that fast and disjointed. All the other services are in good condition.

WebHostingBuzz offers its Web hosting service for more than 15 years. During this time period, they have to improve a lot in order to meet their client’s requirements. And they have proven that they’re good at what they do.

You don’t need to stuck with your old web host anymore. WebHostingBuzz offers you a free transfer of your account. They’ll support you to transfer all of your files in website, databases, email address and settings of the website easily and speedy. So you don’t have to let an unreliable web host make you slow down.










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