What is Web Hosting?

I am pretty sure that you have heard the word “Web Hosting”. What is the meaning of that? Think… You can’t think of a certain answer. Right? Let me help you. Today I am going to tell you the basics of Web Hosting. Starting from A!

In simple terms, Web Hosting is a service that allows posting of a website or webpage on to the internet by organizations or by people. The web host or web hosting service provider is the one that supplies the technologies and services which are required for the web page or website to be viewed on the internet.

“Servers” are another word that goes hand in hand with web hosting. They are a specific type of computer that hosts and stores the websites.

What do you do when you want to view a website? You just type the address or domain on your browser, right? So, your computer will then connect to the server of the requested website and the webpages will be delivered to you.

Often almost all the hosting companies recommend you to get the ownership of your domain to host with them. But don’t worry if you don’t have a domain. Your hosting company will help you to buy a domain.

The main features that you should look in the Web Hosting plan

I have listed the key features that you should get from your hosting provider. And I hope these will help you to choose a better hosting provider according to your needs.

  1. Email accounts
    Many hosting providers recommend you to have your own domain name like www.mywebsite.com. You will be able to create domain email accounts (myname@mywebsite.com) with a domain name and email account features that are provided by your hosting company.
  2. FTP Access
    If you want to upload files from your local computer to your web server, FTP will help you with that. Additionally, you can transfer files while accessing your website through the internet.
  3. WordPress Support
    WordPress is an advanced blogging and website content management system and also an online website creation tool. And it is a user-friendly method. More than 25% of websites are powered by WordPress. So when choosing a hosting provider, you have to ask whether their plans are WordPress compatible or not. In order to host your WordPress websites, you may require a PHP version 7 or greater and MySQL versions 5.6 or greater.

Website.com will be a good hosting provider according to my personal experience. It will allow you to access the drag and drop site builder and also offers a custom domain, email addresses, and web hosting all bundled into one subscription.
If you prefer to build your website via coding or a CMS tool like WordPress the following hosting providers may suit you.

Benefits of a web hosting service to my online business

You will be needing a web hosting service to publish your website online. There are additional features that are given by the web hosts to business owners like you. The hosting firms will allocate technicians to assure your websites are running 24/7 and provide troubleshooting (script debutting, email not able to send/receive, domain name renewal likewise). Once you choose a professional web hosting, you will be able to concentrate on your business without worrying about your website and its problems.

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