WP Engine Review

You will be a potential user of WordPress. Then definitely you will search for some good reviews from its users before you make a decision to use WordPress as your business website. So a detailed review will support you to make the best decision.

WordPress is one of the most famous and user-friendly content management systems available in the market. Hence, some top web hosting providers have given their full consideration on the WordPress platform. So, WP Engine has even put WordPress in its name.

WP Engine is a well-known hosting provider with high quality. As well as WP Engine provides specific features and automatically optimizes elements for the WordPress platform. As well as WP Engine use some security options such as firewall, daily updates, SSL certificates, and real-time threat detection.

But is WP Engine the right hosting service for you?

This review will guide you to find out a good decision on the selection of the WP Engine as your hosting provider. This gives you a detailed review of the good and bad sides of the WP Engine with the overall recommendations. Hence, you can reach the best decision.

General Info & Hosting Overview.

OUR VERDICT: Recommended
SPEED: 425ms (February 2020 to April 2020)
UPTIME: 100% (February 2020 to April 2020)
SUPPORT: 24/7 Live Chat, Limited Phone Support
APPS: WordPress, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud
FEATURES: Daily Backups, SSL Security, Global CDN, SSH Gateway
HOSTING PLANS: WordPress Managed, Dedicated
SITE TRANSFER: Unlimited Free (Custom Plugin)
PRICING: Starting at $25.00/mo


Pros of using WP Engine Hosting

Optimized for WordPress

Wp Engine provides WordPress hosting services only and they give both shared and dedicated hosting plans for their users. However, this review is on shared hosting services.

WP Engine hosts the WordPress site in a fully-managed environment. This hosting platform has created for installations, themes, and WordPress plugins. Hence, it does not require to install WordPress and CMS comes preinstalled on the platform.

If you select the right web host, then you have only a simplified managed hosting process. Here in WP Engine, you have to perform only a simple setup outside of the actual signup process.

Daily backups.

WP engine offers automated daily backups and plugin updates for WordPress. Then your data are safe if the site crashes. As well as, WP Engine has the facility to revert the site back to a previous version. Another important fact is your website will not return to an outdated version. Because it maintains backups daily.

Threat detection system and SSL security.

WP Engine offers a secure connection for both you and your customers.

Why does that matter?

Google will identify your website as not secure through the Chrome browser if it is a standard HTTP site. Then you will not visit those web pages if your browser warns you that those are not secure. However, WP Engine uses a Secure Socket Layer Certificate. It protects all data transferred between the user and your website. You can obtain all important HTTPS in front of your URL by these SSL certificates.

WP Engine does daily scans for malware. It uses firewall protection for the website and firewall is updated daily to fight new security threats. As well as WP Engine offers real-time threat detection and provides the service of well-trained security experts to give free hacking remediation to users. So, WP Engine does something beyond as the web host provider for its users.

Great uptime – 100%

WP Engine boasts a remarkable uptime guarantee of 99.9% currently.

Fast page loading speed

Speed is the most vital factor when selecting a web host service. Because if your website is slow down, then your bounce rate will increase and the SEO score will reduce. In WP Engine, it normally consists of 425ms of impressive page loading speed.

Live chat customer service.

Customer service is also one of the vital factors for users. Especially, it more considers customer service options and quality when ranking web host services. So, WP Engine gives 24 hours of live chat each day.

Free site transfers

Normally, you will incur a huge switch cost when you moving from the existing web host provider to another new web host provider. WP Engine will swap the websites onto their servers for free. They do this by using their custom WordPress migration plugin. However, this is a manual website transfer and provide 24-hour service each day.

60-Day money-back guarantee

A financial guarantee is very important to users. Some web host companies give a 30-day money-back guarantee. But WP Engine gives a 60 day period money-back guarantee. Then you receive much time to experience their service and no risk of signing up.

Cons of using WP Engine hosting

For WordPress users only

WordPress website is more famous around the globe. So, people have identified is as one of the best Content Management System.

However, WP Engine has hitched itself fully to the WordPress wagon can feel limiting at times. Especially, WordPress provides its own backend system. So, it is very simple to navigate.

As well as you will not need to build your site on a WordPress platform even WP Engine offers the best security options, pricing, and good customer service. Then the only option you have is that search a different web host service. But WP Engine offers services for WordPress only.

Can’t purchase a domain name

Many web host companies offer free domain names. For instance, the web host such as GreenGeeks provides a free domain name for the first year. However, you will not able to purchase a domain name with WP Engine and you have to go with a third-party service to obtain a domain name.

No email addresses

Many web host companies give email addresses free of charge. However, WP Engine does not provide or sell email addresses. Then you have to go for a third-party company to obtain this service. However, You require to have a branded email address and it represents confidence and professionalism with your customers. If you have this facility with your web host provider, it will be very simple.

The startup has limited phone support

WP Engine is consists of a good live chat support options. But it has some exceptions with their phone support. This phone support only available from WP Engine’s growth plan and up. Further, it means that if you use the startup plan of WP Engine, you will not able to call any of your issues for the phone support. Then it limits the support offering to people. Because some people do not use the chat systems and they need to call directly on the phone.


WP Engine is the most expensive web host service. The monthly cost start at $30 per month and the yearly subscription price is $25.

WP Engine pricing, hosting plans & quick facts

WP Engine offers three shared hosting plans of Startup, Growth, and Scale. As well as there are custom priced dedicated hosting plans.

  • The Startup Plan: This costs $25 per month with an annual commitment. One website can withstand up to 25,000 visits per month. It has 10GB of local storage and 50GB of bandwidth.
  • The Growth Plan: This costs $95.83 per month for one year. This is able to handle up to 100,000 visits in a month for up to 10 sites. It has 20GB of local storage and 200GB of bandwidth.
  • The Scale Plan: This costs $241 per month for one year. This can handle 400,000 visitors per month for 30 sites. It has 50GB of local storage and 500GB of bandwidth.

If you need to get more visitors, then you have to pay an extra fee of $2.00 per 1000 visitors. WP Engine accepts all major credit and debit cards and all shared hosting plans give 60 days money-back guarantee.

Do we recommend WP Engine?

Yes. Because WP Engine is a highly secure and simple hosting service. As well as has good live chat support and a 60-day money-back guarantee. The uptime and speed of the WP Engine are good. However, it is expensive a bit than other managed WordPress hosts. So WP can be recommended due to its excellent service unless the monthly cost is not a matter for you.

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